Chapter 15: Alaysia

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Chapter 15: Alaysia


March 3,

Heaven's POV

It was almost an hour before the door opened again -- I counted. And I smelled the woods. Pine, flowers, leaves, oak. I heard the heavy footsteps of a male, but I wasn't sure how old he was.

"Don't know why I have to do this," came his grumbling. From that, I knew he was still a teen. How old exactly, I still didn't know. He set a bowl down on a table beside the bed and left for a moment before returning. And then I heard an audible intake of breath.

"Dad!? Why's she glowing!?"

"What?" It wasn't far away. Then when the door opened again, it was rushed. "What do you mean glo--" He cut off.

So, I was glowing, apparently.

"I've never seen it before. Maybe she's a witch," came the boy's voice, not quite as deep as his father's.

"But she didn't die in the water like a witch would have."

"Boys!" Alheid said. "Be considerate. I have the feeling she can hear --and understand -- everything we say." A second later, I heard a girl's voice. She was maybe ten years old, and suddenly I was reminded of Eva.

Eva. I missed her.

"Wait! She said something! I heard her!"

"Klaudia, say something again!" Eckhardt said, though not sharply.

The girl did, and each time she spoke, she reminded me more and more of Eva. Her voice. Her smell, her tiny frame, her long, blue-black hair, like mine. And her grey eyes. And Alec.

I felt a sting in my chest when I thought of him and the look on his face.

"She's sad, dad. Can't you feel it?"

"Yes. How peculiar."

Then I thought of this small family, seemingly happy. They reminded me of my mom and dad. Don and Brenda. What a happy time it was back then. So simple.

"Feed her. See if she wakes up."  I was snapped out of my thoughts. I heard an agreement from him, and then two pairs of footsteps left the room, the door shut behind them. He sat on the side of the bed and put my head in his lap. Then he spoon fed me something I had never tried before, but honestly didn't taste too terrible. (It was actually so good I would have shovled it into my mouth had I been able.)

It seemed my throat muscles worked. Why couldn't the rest of me?

He left after he was done, but returned several moments later, something dragging on the floor. It was a blanket. I assumed he was carrying a pillow in his hand.

"Mom told me, just in case you can hear us, that I was going to sleep in here on the floor tonight. Just to watch you." He said it awkwardly, like he wasn't sure if he should be speaking to air or not. He sighed, complained, and set his things down.

I needed to get out of here. I was grateful for the things they had done for a stranger, but I wanted to get back. If not to see -- gulp -- Alec, then at least my parents and the rest of them.

And then I thought of -- for some reason -- projecting. Picture Projection. Maybe if I showed them what happened, where I was before this, maybe they could take me back!

I didn't know if he was awake. But I tried anyway.

I saw, in my mind, everything that had happened after we landed the plane, and forced my body to do as I comanded it to, forced it to show this boy the pictures I saw, I was seeing.

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