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Today was Christmas shopping day! Ray was pumped to get to the mall. Everytime you 2 went shopping together it seemed like you had the most fun. At least 30 minutes after you arrived there you two were already in trouble with mall security.


You: Ray you can't be stealing domo! Wtf?

Ray: *running* TO THE ESCALATORS!

Ray snatched your hand and tried to run up the downwards escalator. You 2 noticed 2 officers walking around the downstairs floor so you ran to the upwards one. Ray ran so fast his foot slipped from under him and he crashed to the ground.

You: Ray you ok?!

Ray: Yeah I just-

He attempted to get up but his braid got caught in the steps. His eyes widened before he started screaming.

You: Rip your hair!!

Ray: NO!

You: It's gonna pull your hair out your head!

Ray: *screams* LAWD! I guess this is the end Y/N...

You:.....Ok. *steps over ray and runs*

Ray layed on the steps traumatized with his braid slowly tearing. He loved you and you just left him for bald.

-The Next Day-

Ray was dropped off at home by a patrol car. The doorbell rang so you ran to answer it. Ray stood on the doorstep with half of his head in a long braid and the other side in a half bowl cut.

Ray: I hate you -_-

You: I'm sorry Ray!

Ray: I can't handle living with you anymore.

You: What?!

Ray took your shoulders and guided you on the porch with him. He sighed and stepped back behind the door inside the house.

Ray: Your clothes are in the street.

*slams door*


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