This is my first story... I hope you like it! :) I don't want to write a long note so I'm just going to get into this story.. Bye! xx


 Before I get into this story I would like to introduce myself. Soo... Hi I'm Jessica Dawson! I'm 17, I am 5' 5''.I have long dark brown hair, hazel eyes...I have a twin sister named Reese Dawson, she is also my BEST friend! My mom and dad are really busy working so I hardly ever get to see them. Most people would call my family 'rich' so I guess we are..  Oh and I LOVE the band One Direction, they are my favorite band ever! So now let's get into this story. Shall we? :)

''Hey Reese we should go to Hollister!" Reese is my all time BEST friend and twin sister! We do almost everything together. Right now we are walking around the mall -Our favorite place to go-...

''Sure Jess, let's go!" Jess is Reese's nickname for me, she also sometime calls me J. I don't really like the names but whatever..

''Urg. I forgot, Hollister is all the way on the other side of the mall. We can go there later..'' I said to Reese

''Make up your mind!'' She said with a small smile on her face.

''Well I'm really hungry so lets get something to eat. How about we go to the food court they have here?''

''Okay!'' She said in a really excited voice.. What's so exciting about the food court? I guess I'll never now.

When we got to the food court we decided on getting In N' Out Burger. We ordered our food and then went to sit down. We didn't make it to the table because I bumped into something hard, or should I say someone hard.. And spilled my food all over him. Oops 

"I am SO sorry! I didn't mean it really!'' I looked up and found myself staring into the most beautiful green eyes, then I realized who I bumped into. I bumped into the Harry Styles from One Direction! But it was if he was in disguise with a black baseball cap and I'm guessing Zayn's nerd glasses. I wouldn't know. 

'' OH MY GOSH YOUR-'' I was cut off by him putting his hand over my mouth, covering it.

''I know love but please don't scream my name. I don't want to cause attention.'' He said while taking his hand off from covering my mouth.

I turned to look at Reese, she looked really shocked and was a bit nervous. Her mouth formed a perfect 'o' shaped. Then I turned to look at Harry's shirt which had my food all over it! 

''My sister Jessica is really sorry Harry. I will buy you a knew shirt if she wont't'' I heard my sister talk for the first time, nudging my stomach lightly 

''I think I can manage to bye him a knew shirt Reese." I whispered to my sister, apparently not quite because Harry heard and said..

''No it's okay, I really need to get going now anyways. Thanks Reese, and Jessica'' He said with the brightest smile on his face showing off his cute dimples.. Gosh I love those! 


So this is my first chapter, I hope you like it! 

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