Chapter 5

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Next thing I knew I was waking up to the sun in my eyes. I shuffled out of bed to find a note on the table:


will be back soon, gone to get breakfast.

Harry – x

I smiled at the thought of Harry and went to the bathroom to fix my face and hair up. I walked back out in my sweats and a tank and stumbled outside to admire the view of London from my apartment. In that very same moment Harry wrestled the door open.

“Good morning love,” Harry walked over to me pulling me up and kissing me.

“Good morning babe, “ I whispered behind the kiss, smiling.

We ate breakfast together as we looked out over London waking up.

“Well I guess you should be getting to the mall then?” Harry laughed with a small pout of his lips.

“Crap, I should get changed then!” I said kissing Harry on the cheek and running to my wardrobe to get changed. I pulled out my pink blazer, a white blouse, and my favourite jeans.

“You look gorgeous love,” Harry said when I walked back out and was finally ready to go, “why do they have to steal you from me?” He pouted.

“I’m just that popular all of a sudden!” I said kissing him. He laughed and bit down on his bottom lip. Then, just to make the moment, my phone rang!


“Yes, Hiya Annabel” Eleanor chirped, “Perrie got sick last night so she won’t be coming with us today, are you still right to come though?”

“Yeah, I can come; in fact I am ready now!” I said, looking over at Harry who was looking rather confused.

“Brilliant! See you in 30 minutes?”

“Perfect” I said with a small giggle.

“Who was that?” Harry smiled.

“Eleanor, she was telling me to meet them in 30 mins, and that Perrie couldn’t come”

“I’ll drive you then love, it will take about 30 minutes to get there, you ready?” Harry whispered down at me.

“We better head of then” I whispered in reply with a cheeky smile. I grabbed my bag and followed Harry out the door. We hoped in the car, and just like Harry said, within about 30 minutes of singing along to the radio, we were at the mall.

“Thanks babe, see you later then?” I kissed him goodbye.

“Will do love, “ he whispered behind the kiss, before showing of his dimples and waving me goodbye.

Eleanor, Danielle and I shopped all day enjoying each other’s company and stoping for a few photos here and there, something that I would have to grow used to.

“Who’s up for a movie night at mine?” Danielle asked.

“Perfect, I am!” Eleanor and I said together.

“I’ll call the boys and tell to come around then!” Danielle said pulling out her phone to ring Liam.

We bought a few things and headed back to Danielle’s. 

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