-- Chapter 15 --

Zayn's POV :

" Mate Wake Up We Need To Talk " Whisspered Harry into My Ear While Shaking Me To Wake Up , I Opened My Eyes And Nodded As He Left I Looked over At Alessandra Who Was in a Deep Sleep , Even When She Was Sleeping She Was Beutifful .

I Remembered The Date We Had Last Night it Was Perfect One Of The Best Once Ive Ever Gone on , Yeah Ive Gone on pretty Good Dates But This One Had Something Special To it Maybe it Was That i Was With Alessandra The Person I'm Mad In Love With , Yeah Thats Got To Be It .

I Got Up As Quietly As Possible , I Managed To Get Downstairs Without Waking Her Up .

I Walked To The Kitchen Grabbing An Apple As I Sat Across From The Boys At The Island .

" Morning " I Said While Biting Down on My Granny Smith .

" Morning " They Said At The Same Time .

" So Whatssup ? " I Asked By Their Facial Expresions I Felt As This Was Gonna be Bad News Especially Since Lou Was Looking Down Quietly Rather Than His Loud Self .

" Well I . we Are Due To Um .." Liam Tried .

" Common Just Say It " I Demanded Anxious To Hear Whatever It Was .

" Tour " Liam Spat out , It Hit Me Like a Ton If Bricks , " Were Due To Be Back on Tour For The Next Few Months Starting in 4 Days .." He Finished off .

Now I Understood Why Lou Was Sad Cause He's Fallen For Kylee .

How The Hell Was I Suposed To Tell Ale , it's Funny How Things Change So Fast .

Last Night It Seemed like We Were The Perfect Couple on a Perfect Date , it Seemed As if We Could Make Anyone in The World Jeoulos , but Now God I Was Being Forced To Leave My Girlfriend Behind For Who Knows How Long After Only Seeing Her For Like Two Weeks .

But How Am I Supposed To Tell Her That I'm Leaving ?! I Don't Know How But I Know it's Gonna Be Hard ..

Kylee's POV :

I Layed In Bed Starring At The Ceeling . I Was thinking . I Was Thinking About All The Things That Lou Said To Me The Other Day At The Path. He Said That He Liked Me Alot And That He thought I Was One of the Most Beutifull Girls Hes Ever Seen . I Smiled At The Thought of That Lou Was A Sweet Guy . We're Not Going Out Just Quite Yet But We're Getting there . And I'm Absoulutly Thrilled About it ..

A Knock From My Door Interupted Me From My Thoughts .

" Come in " I Said Loudly They Opened The Door And in Comes a Sad Looking Louis , I Sat Up And Patted The Spot next To Me , " What's Wrong ? " I asked Concern Obvious in My Tone.

He Stayed Quiet As if He Were Thinking of How To Explain Something To Me .

About After 3 Minutes He Broke The Silence .

" I - We're Due on Tour In Four Days " He Began I Felt My Heart Sink But To Make it Worse He Continued , " And it's For a Couple of Months " He Finished off . my Heart Fell And Now it's Broken . I Felt Some Tears Gather Up . But I Didint Let Them Loose I Think Lou Saw Me & How I Was Struggling To Keep The Tears Back , He Grabbed My Hand And Rubbed it With his Thumb , " Kylee I Love You "

Alessandra's POV :

" Morning Boys ! " I Exclaimed in a Very Cheery Tone As I Walked Down To The Kitchen .

" Hi "

" Morning "

Was All I Heard in Mumbled Tones , What's Wrong With Them ?!

I Shrugged It Off And Went Straight To The Fridge , I Grabbed Myself Some Philly Cream Cheese And Grabbed Bagels From The Pantry , I Could Feel The Boys Eyeing Every Single Move I Took . once I Had Prepared My Breakfast I Sat Across From The Boys On One Of The Islands Stool , They Stayed Quiet But Kept Their Gaze on Me . What is Going On Around Here ?!

" Okay ? Whatssup ? " , I Asked Liam , Niall , Harry & Zayn .

" Erm We Need To Talk Ale " Liam Said In a Fatherly Tone .

" Yes Father " I Replied Like An Inocent 5 Year Old .

" Um We Have To Um Be on Er Um " Harry Strugled At Saying Whatever It Was I Rolled My Eyes Switched My Gaze To The Leporcahn And Raised My Brow .

" We Er are Due To Be on The The - The " Niall Studered As Well .

" You Guys ! Just Tell Me Already ! " I Exclaimed Getting Anxious Now , Zayn Shuffled in His Seat, " Babe We - We Are Going On Tour For Some Moths ... And We Leave in Erm " He Stopped At That But Liam Finished For Him " in Four Days " ..

What The Actual Fuck ? Are They Serious ?!


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