Chapter 10: Mixing Signals

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*Brooke's P.O.V*

"Wait here." Prince said before running out the room. I looked at the others "Where's he going and what's up with him?" I asked. They just shrugged their shoulders, "Who know's where he's disappeared to." Ray said pulling me back down on the sofa next to him, his arm resting on the back of it. "Ray didn't you hear what your manager just said? you know before Prince went all crazy and left the room. You have 10 minutes before you leave." I said. Ray just looked at me blankly "Soooooo?." he said plainly. "Soooooo, you should be packing up your stuff and getting ready to leave." I said. Ray sighed and slowly started to get up and pack away his things, "What are ya'll looking at? don't ya'll still have stuff to pack too?" the guys reluctantly got up and started packing away their stuff. Keisha walked into the room.

"Didn't I tell you boys-" she stopped in the middle of her sentence and looking at the boys in surprise. "Wow what's gotten into them?" Keisha asked me. I shrugged my shoulders "Nothing, I could always get the guys to do what I wanted and I knew that if they weren't ready when you wanted them to leave you might get mad at them plus the guys and I sometimes lose track of time when we hang out so I figured it was either they pack now or they get in trouble." Keisha looked at me stunned.

"Wow, I should let you visit the guys more often." Keisha was on her way out the room when she turned to me "Brooke, before I forget I'm sure the boys wouldn't mind but I'm giving them a break for a couple days. Would you guys-" Keisha got cut off "YES!! YES!! Of course." I said excitedly. "I'm sorry I just got a little over excited there for a minute." I said shyly.

Keisha smiled "It's ok, I completely understand how it's like to not be able to hang out with your guy." Keisha said before leaving the room. What did she mean about that I wondered. Something was seriously going on here. I just shook off the strange feeling that I had from my conversation with Keisha, a few seconds later Prince walked back into the room. "Where have you been?" I asked him. "Oh uhh somewhere you know, uh stage, dressing room, what?!" Prince said nervously, I stood there for a few seconds giving him a strange look. What was he up to? I walked over to him and placed my hand on his forehead. "Ahh Jake are you feeling ok? you want me to make you some tea with honey or something?" I said giving him a concerned look.

"No, no I'm fine seriously." Prince said with a sweet smile trying to reassure me. "Jakey, your turning burning up here, and you're getting all flustered I think you should just lay down and  try to feel better." I said leading him to the sofa. He gave up on trying to fight back and reluctantly did what he was told.  Keisha came back into the room "Ya'll ready? and boy what are you doing lying down!?" Keisha asked. Before he had a chance to answer her I cut him off "I told him to lay down Keisha, when he came back in here he was acting kind of weird and he was burning up when I checked his temperature."  Keisha looked at Prince then down at the ground and smirked to herself. "Yeah, your right he's definately "sick" all right." She said with a laugh.

"Come on boys we have to go." Keisha said still laughing a bit, handing me a piece of paper. It had the name of the hotel the guys were staying at and their room number. Keisha said she would leave our names with the security so that we could get in. After we left the dressing room the guys  I gave each of the guys a hug before we went our seperate ways and of course Jacob and I returned each other's phones before we left. 

*Princeton's P.O.V*

We piled into the van to go back to the hotel and I sat by the door looking out the window, into the darkness. I sat in the back silent for most to the way there, I tried not to make is so obvious that I was deep in thought, it was hard seeing that it felt like a thousand things were racing through my mind, so many questions I need to get an answer to. I really just hope my plan works..................

*************************************************************************************************************** Sorry this chapter is so short :( been soo busy I hardly had any time to write this chapter as it is. Hopefully I'l get  more time  to write when things start to settle down  ***************************************************************************************************************

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