“It’s okay. We’ll bring her home. The police will find her.”

My mother  was trying to soothe my crying aunt while my dad tried to get e detective on the case and I made some brownies for all of us.

Hey what else can I do my cousin is AWOL my mother not sure what to do and my dad on the phone. I say we need chocolate.

“She’s eighteen! They can’t just bring her home! It’s her choice.”

“ The police department is no help. They say that because we know she ran away there’s nothing they can do unless we have reason to believe she‘s in danger.”

“She could be!” my aunt cried “She could get hurt or lost or-”

“Don’t talk like that.” My mom cut her off.

“We don’t know that.” I added placing a hand on Aunt Rose’s shoulder.

“It’ll be okay she’ll take some time to heal and then she will come home.”


       After a couple more hours I left my parents with my aunt and decided it wouldn’t hurt to look around the city and see if

Piper was still hanging around.

       I pulled out my phone and called he one person I knew I could count on in this town.

“Hey there.”

”Hey, are you free?”

“Yeah I have the day free. What’s up?”

”I need your help.”

“Where are you?”

Okay so it’s not great and I left yet ANOTHER cliff hangerJ but you love me. Hopefully…


This is dedicated to BooBearsCam for being EPIC and she just got back so I can’t wait for her update!!!!! J

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