Eyes On Her

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Part 22-

Demi POV~

After the rude person knocking on the door, I was ready to go mad but as soon as I opened the door, sure we all have a good guess who! Mar, she's always come at the wrong time... But I do love her though and I would be pretty lost without her, because she's always there for me and telling me what do just like my mom, but 9/10 I always get my own way mwahah!! Anyways I still Had to quickly hurried her up because I had to get back to my hot girlfriend and get down to where we was....

Mar-" hiya *laughs* I know you's was having sexy time and all that but you do remember what is happening tomorrow yeah?"

Demi-" *blushes* N-No w-we wasn't shut up mar. Anyways umm what's happening tomorrow?"

Mar-" yeye whatever you say and I can tell by your hair babe *winks* and ohh the fact you have buttoned her shirt up wrong? Sooo.... *hahaha* anyways I knew you would forgot it!!!! It's the

*bang door closes*

so I have finish what me and Y/N started so I ran back to the bedroom as running up the stairs ripping my clothes back off, but yep she wanted to annoy me and as soon she saw me walking through the bedroom door bear it in mind I'm just in my underwear, she laughs at me and jumped off the bed and walked into the bathroom and goes to take a shower leaving me on the bed wanted her so bad, believe turned on wasn't the right word. after about ten mins she walked back into the bedroom just in a towel that was that short it showed her arse cheeks when she bend over to get her underwear. Soon she saw me looking she laughs even harder!! Ugh she just knows how to annoy me when I'm so turned on and wanting her more than ever.

Demi-" you shouldn't be doing that!!" Said biting her lip

Y/N-" ohh, I don't know what you mean babe?... *laughs* or maybe you mean this..."

Y/N didn't give me the chance to reply she just threw her towel to the floor putting her underwear and bra on before throwing a Baggie jumper on. Swear Y/N looks so hot in just jumpers!!

Y/N-" babyyyyy come play cod so I can kick your ass? *wink wink*"

Demi-" you know I hate that game, well all stupid games like that"

Y/N-" but baby.... You lov.... Umm like me millions right?"

Demi-" ..... Mmm okay okay I do.... Let's play!!"

Later on~

Later that day, after Y/N kicking Demi's ass about 40 times. But Demi did put a good fight up on the xbox but right after she threw the xbox controller on the floor about 5 times and got up and left the room because she saying "Y/N was cheating" she was crazy mad but it was funny at the same time.. Demi won like 4 times. Pretty sure Y/N let her win two time, but Demi swears she won because she got "better at the stupid game" Demi and Y/N was have a hot make out session, but Y/N pulled back after she felt it getting to heated.

Demi-" umm you okay babe?" Sounding confused

You-" mm yep.. I'm just hungry that's all cutie"

Demi-" ahhh.... Ummm pizza? Pasta?"

You-" mmm Erm.. That's hard... Umm pizzaaaaaa!!!"

Demi-" chill babe you sound like a three year old. I'll order it now then"

Demi ordered the pizza so, the both started cleaning Demi's house because damn it was a mess! Of course Demi was blaming Y/N but to be fair, it was Demi's clothes all over the bedroom and bathroom. After cleaning the house 40 minutes later there was a knock at the door!!

Y/N-" fooooooooood babe foooooood! Hurry or I'm going to eat it alllll nom... It smells fit"

Demi-" *laughs* okay okay gimmie two seconds just putting the washer on! And well that wouldn't be something knew" she shouts

Few hours later-

Demi's POV~

After me and Y/N finished our pizza which I must say was so nice but full isn't the word! we both cuddled and I nicked a few kisses on the sofa and I was annoying Y/N by putting my Hand over her eyes because she's now loves CSI because of me yaya!! She did try staying mad with me but I just put the cutest face on that she never can stay mad at, then out of nowhere so pins me to the sofa and tickles me yep... She got her pay back but I'll get her back soon enough she know I hate being tickled. Anyways I annoyed her enough so I turned to the tv to watch my fave show CSI, after the first show and the adds came on. I felt Y/N's hand shaking, so I turn around to look at Y/N she had a tears running down her face. And looked deep in thought, I was going to say something but she just got up and left the room. I hear her in the kitchen banging around and something smash.. I quickly jumped up and ran to the kitchen to see her holding the glass against her arm, her right hand was already full of blood, more tears coming down her face, she didn't look herself at all. Looked like a girl I didn't know no more...

Demi-" b-babe p-put the glass down okay?"

Y/N-" w-what's the point?! She doesn't care. So you can't too..."

Demi-" because Y/N I-I lo.. Umm, I like you a lot okay? I want you to be healthy and happy. I'm willing to do everything for you okay. What? How doesn't baby? Talk to me."

*Demi slowly walks over to Y/N*

Demi-" give me the glass Y/N!"

Y/N-" you don't like me. You feel sorry for what happened with my ex this why you took me in so you reel me in making me think it. It doesn't matter how she doesn't care about me" she said crying.

I couldn't stand her in floods of tears, I just kept walking slower to her and took the glass out of her hands. Y/N fell to the floor I picked her up and carried her to the side, I got a towel wet it a little and started cleaning her hand. She kept saying how I was hurting her but she didn't want to go to the hospital but by the looks of it she needed to she had a deep cut with glass loge inside it.

Demi-" babe? Please can I call a doctor then if you don't want to go the hospital ?"

Y/N-" o-okay I'd prefer that. Demi? I-I'm sorry about all this. I understand you probably not going to want a fucked up person about. So I'll go to my Nan's and stay there"

Demi-" okay gimmie two mins. We'll finish this convo after"

* knock knock*

Demi-" this will be the doctor stay here"

Y/N-" where else would I go? Hahaah"

Doctor-" hi miss Lovato, what's the problem"

I know it's shit buttt I haven't wrote in forever! And dunno where to take it so blah. I would of carried on but just cbaaa..

Thank you for all the reading, voting and the ideas.

Loveyou all

Stay strong!💕🙊

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