Chapter 14: What If...

"It's beautiful Jake!" I said while looking at the incredible sight. What I was looking at, a beautiful waterfall that has water as sparkly as glitter.

The sun is setting so it makes the water look sapphire color. Jake and I and on a giant bolder near the cliff of the waterfall. I noticed a rope attached to a tree.

 "Jake, close your eyes and follow my voice." I said to him as I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the rope. "Okay...” he says undecided.

"Okay. One, Two, THREEE!" I yell as I grab the rope. I end up doing a backflip off the rope into the water.

"Okay, your turn Jakey." I said using his nickname that I created. Not very creative, I know.

"One, Two, Three!" He yells jumping on the rope, swinging then dropping right on my head. Ow.

"Can you get off now?" I ask annoyed. "Nope!" he replies smirking his signature smirk.

This is going to be fun.

After Jake and I went home, I watched him through the window and he was having an intense conversation with someone. So, I decided to scare him.

 I snuck carefully in his house quietly but quickly. I made it up to his room and put my ear on the door and heard this: "I know Isaac, I have to date her but, and it’s getting too hard. I really have feelings for her, so I can't keep dating her for your pleasure and I know you need Cassie but I can't do this Isaac. The deal is over. Goodbye."

Right then and there I almost burst into tears. He is only using me so he can hand Cassie over to Isaac. His conversation kept replaying in my mind like a song on replay.

I got wiped out of my thoughts when my phone rang. Crap... I thought to myself I almost forgot I was still listening to Jake. Then he came out.

I didn't even realize that I was crying. All I know is that I've been used.  "Uh... hey Alex. What brings you here?" he said unsteadily. "When were you going to tell me?" I said my voice cracking. "What?" he asked. "When were you going to tell me that you are using me so you could give Cassie to Isaac?"

Before he got a chance to say anything else I ran, out the door, to my house, and then to my room I locked the door and fell on my bed and cried.

A million questions are whirling through my mind. "Why would he lie to me?" I whispered to myself

I just remembered that me and Jake have baby monitors in our rooms so we can hear each other at any time. So he heard me cry and cry.

After ten minutes passed I stood up from my bed and went to my mirror I looked horrible. I went downstairs and saw Cassie on the couch. My eyes still puffy and red. "Alex what’s wrong? Were you crying? Come here!" Cassie said trying to comfort me with a hug.

 We hugged for about 5 minutes until I answered her earlier question. "Jake u-used me to get c- closer to you so Isaac c-could capture you." I said sniffling. "Oh Alex you poor thing!" she said with worry in her eyes. "This calls for girls night and shoving our faces in ice cream." she said smiling. I gave her a weak smile.

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