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Chapter Nineteen: Welcome Back, Brother

We sit in that cell for what feels like hours. Elena's sitting beside the door now, the dagger in her hands.

Elijah's hand twitches in mine and I gasp, leaning up onto my knees and peeking over at Elena before turning back to Elijah. Elena runs over to my side just as Elijah's body convulses and she arches her back. Cracking sounds echo through the room as Elijah gasps and his body continues convulsing.

"Elijah, Elijah," I whisper, pulling my hand out of his tight grasp and touching his shoulder with one hand and his cheek in the other. "Elijah?"

His eyes open as his skin begins to change from grey to his usual tan slowly, and when he sees me, he pulls back and gasps. "Cecilia."


"Come on Rebekah, our brothers are fighting again!" Cecilia Mikaelson giggles loudly, standing from her crouch and reaching out to her older sister Rebekah. She takes her sisters hand and begins running across the dirt road towards the centre of all the cottages in their small village. Their older brothers Niklaus and Elijah are standing there in the middle of the village, fighting each other with their metal swords.

When Rebekah and Cecilia reach them, they stand off to the side and watch in amazement. Their Father, Mikael, would never allow them to go anywhere near a blade, let alone weild one as their two brothers are currently doing. Niklaus swings a wide shot and Elijah easily dodges, taking a step back and looking over to their sisters with an easy smile.

"Oh look, our sisters have arrived to watch my fast approaching victory." Elijah comments smugly, catching Cecilia's gaze and winking, which causes the youngest Mikaelson to burst into giggles.

"On the contrary, Elijah," Niklaus counters as he steps forward and swings his sword at his older brother. The brothers swing back and forth for a moment, and beyond them on the other side of the small village, their parents Esther and Mikael approach, both wearing proud smiles.

Niklaus then manages to get down onto one knee while Elijah is standing tall with his sword raised, and Niklaus uses his sword to cut off Elijah's belt, both brothers watching as it falls to the dirt with a quiet thud. Elijah puts on an impressed smile as Niklaus stands and smirks, "They've come to laugh at you." Niklaus finishes, looking over at his sisters and bowing once with a large smile on his face.

Cecilia bursts into giggles and reaches out to her older sister, touching her arm. They meet eyes and both laugh as they watch their brothers.

"Relax Mikael," Esther warns as their parents approach. Both brothers get to their feet and turn to face their father, the smiles dropping from their face. "Niklaus means well."

"That is precisely my problem." Mikael responds to the mother of his children, leaving her side and walking over to the boys. He reaches out to Elijah and takes his sword, turning back to Niklaus. "So, why don't you teach me that trick, young warrior?" Just then, he swings his weapon around to his son, but Niklaus blocks it easily. Elijah slowly makes his way out of the clearing and walks over to his sister, wrapping an arm around Cecilia's slumped shoulders as her smile drops.

"Father we were just...having fun." Niklaus defends quietly, watching his Father with wide, frightened eyes. The rest of the siblings are looking away, not wanting to see yet another fight between Niklaus and their Father. But Cecilia does not look away, she watches closely, not wanting anyone to be hurt again like the last time.

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