The Days I Remember- Chapter 1

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"When The snow falls I wonder, what happened to my two best friends.."

"I wish spring would get here faster!" Said Sora.  "Oh please, winter is so much better." Said  Riku, "Shut up" I said yelling." "Sorry Kairi." Quietly said Sora.

*Snow Falls* Sora&Riku, "Snow!" ''Boys its to late, you both can play it tomorrow" Said there mom. "Aw dang it." They both said.

*14 years later*

"Officer Valentine, do you have the target in your sights?" Said Commander Carter. "Yes Sir, The target is in sight, loaded." I said. "Good, now shot when I say, OK" Said Commander,

*5 minutes later* "Target on the move Officer Valentine" (by another officer), "OK!" said Commander. *3 minutes later*, "Taken care of Sir" I said, "Good now walk back" replied Commander. "Yes sir" I replied.  (Right after the reply) "Officer Valentine! Hostage running, one of the suspects, is chasing." Another officer said." "Got it, cover for me" I said, "Right away" Officer replied.

*Running, crouches down, gets suspect in sights* "Honey, I'm home", I whisper as I pull the triger. "You ok?" I say to the hostage. "Yes, but can you help me up?" said Hostage. *Walks up", "Why did you shot him?" Said hostage, 'Well, If I didn't you would dead, he was pulling his gun out. Now one sec the bag is gonna hurt to get off" *Takes off bag*

*Silence for 5 minutes* "Kairi?!?", Said hostage, "Sora?!?"........*Tackles with hug."

After we got up we walked back to base, and Sora and I caught up on each others lives. When he told me he was a Marine, I asked, "Why were you were running then?" "Did it look like I had my suit on or any weapons on me, no. so I was running." He said' "oh, well guess what?'' I said in funny voice. "What?'' he replied, "I'm a Sniper in SWAT." I replied happily......."Holy crap" He said surprised 

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