✮A/N: Writting a lot of this in another person's view other then Jesper or Aurelie's view. Not exactly sure I will like how it's gonna turn out, but oh well. If I don't like it I will post it anyway so you guys can tell me what you think.



Watching as she jerked her motorcycle into the parking lot he laughed. It was probably just another teenager upset with their parents over something stupid. He never really had the time for them, but as he stood behind the bar he saw her walk in. Her face was pain stricken and covered in tears. For whatever reason she was in his bar it was a bad one. Maybe a bad break up? He asked himself as he threw his towel over to his friend.

“I’ll be back.” He stated before hoping over the counter and moving over to her. She looked like she either needed to vent, or needed someone to yell at. And only God knew that he was great for both things.

Around those parts he was known as a chick magnet and was also known as the chick whisperer because he knew how to handle a girls issues (hence why he’s a chick magnet). So what ever this stranger needed, he would be.

When he got a clearer view of her face he froze. It was Gabriel De Luca’s daughter, Aurelie. Everyone had heard about her around these parts. She was the soul person that her father had entrusted his vineyard to, and they did make the best wines around.

“May I help you?” He asked as he grabbed her helmet and hung it up.

“If you have hard liquor, then yes.” She frowned as she looked away from him. He could tell she was his girl.

Though her father was the owner of a vineyard and made amazing wine, he also had a think for hard liquor. Sighing he lead her over to the bar as he talked to her a little bit trying to get to know her a little bit better.

Hoping back over the counter he pulled out a bottle of Vodka and handed it to her.

“It’s on me. So, what’s got a pretty little thing like you this upset?” He asked as he looked at her, trying to look for any sign of what happened. There were no bruises, so he at least knew it wasn’t an abusive boyfriend or family member.

“Personal reasons. Do you always ask this many questions?”

“Only when a pretty girl comes into my bar crying.” He shrugged as he started to make the next persons request. It was true; he did ask a lot of questions, especially to her. He wanted to figure out what he could do for her, and for once it wasn’t because he wanted to take her home after his shift. He genuinely wanted to know how he could help. It wasn’t everyday you had a girl who’s father literally kept your place in business.

“Wow, ladies man much?” His bro asked as he slapped his back. He growled as he threw his towel at him. That didn’t just happen, he told himself as he turned back to her.

“Sorry, Luca over there is just jealous because I actually know how to treat a girl. So, anything I can do to help?”

“Make me forget.” She whispered as she looked down at the bottle she was holding onto before taking another swig of it. At this rate she would forget, he thought to himself as he grabbed the bottle and pulled it away. He didn’t want guys in there taking advantage of her.

“I’ll make you forget in a better what that doesn’t include anything sexual or getting absolutely drunk. Give me a second to clock out.” He offered a smile as he put the bottle away in his cubby where he held his stuff before telling a couple of the boys he was leaving early. Seeing as he owned the place he could leave when he wanted.

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