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I haven’t talk to Joseline at all since yesterday. I guess she didn’t wanna talk to me because I called her but she ignored my call. Kristina was all up on me, not that I care but I haven’t seen Joseline all day. I hope she isn’t with another Nigga.

“I was thinking we do something tonight.” Kristina said

“Sure sounds good.”

“Okay I’ll see you later.” Kristina said

I pulled her close and kissed her.

“Ahem!” a familiar voice said. It sounded like Joseline.

“You claim I’m cheating but I guess you forgot to mention you’re the one doing the cheating.” Joseline said

Kristina mean mugged Joseline. “Uh he could never cheat if you guys were never together.” Kristina said

Oh boy here come the drama.

“I’m his girlfriend.” Joseline said

“Is that so?” Kristina said

Joseline rolled her eyes. “You can have him because we’re done." Joseline said walking away.

“Whatever.” Kristina said

“Yo I’ll holla at you later.”

“Okay.” Kristina said

I walked away and followed Joseline.

“Jose!” I grabbed her

“Let go of me!” Joseline said

“Damn Jose. Is it another Nigga or something?”

“No there is no one else and I’m over this bullshit. If you don’t believe me then that is too damn bad. Are you going to hit me now because you don’t believe me?” Joseline said

“Man whatever.”                                   

“Yeah whatever.” Joseline said walking away

I don’t want her to be with another Nigga because she is mine.


I can’t believe this Nigga. How can he say that I’m the one cheating when he was just kissing some hoe?  Then to top it off, he still thinks I’m cheating. He is a trip. Anyway, right now I’m waiting for this kid I’m suppose to tutor and this Nigga is late. About ten more minutes later some kid comes strolling in with a textbook in his hand and a phone in the other. I shook my head.

“Hey you’re late. You think I got time to be waiting for you? No so hurry up and we can this finished...” I trailed off as he lifted his head up.

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