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I was sitting on the bench until someone sit beside me..i look who it was it was jungkook

"What are u doing here?arent u suppost to be inside"i said"i dont wanna hear anything..about what thy talking about"jungkook said

"I didn't think any thing of this..whould happend"i said and he pattend my back
Me and jungkook got back inside

"So have u made your minds?"my mom said and both of us nodded"i agree" jungkook said and he look at me"i agree either"i said and they smile at us

(At the bts house)

We all are in the couch talking some random stuff until someone call me..i pick my phone i look at the caller ID it was my mom and i answer it..and out it in the loud speaker


Hyerim:hi mom,why did u call me?

Jhope:hi mom and dad!-he said cheerfuly-

Mom:aigoo~our hobi i miss u guys so much...

Yoongi:we all to mom and dad

Jimin:why did u guys called anyways?

Mom:well,we just wanted to tell all the members that jungkook and hyerim is getting married nextweek...

All(exept:kookie,hyerim and jimin):WHAT!!

Seokjin:aigoo..our maknae is getting married next week..-he said whils making fake tears-

(Jungkook just sigh)

Mom:thats we gonna tell u better be at their wedding..bye


<i ended the call>

I stand up and went upstairs and went to my room...i throw myself at my bed.. And stare at the ceilling...

Remembering what they just say..and fall asleep

(At the wedding day)

The makeup artist was doing my make up until someone open the door..

"My beautiful daughter"my mom said and i smile thru the mirror.."your done" the make up artist said..

And i stand up and pick up my gown and went to my parents amd jungkook's parents..

My mom hold both of my cheeks and i hold her hands and i see her tears falls down but i quick wipe it

"Mom,dont cry"i said and she just smile at me until someone open the door and it was jimin

"someone is here to meet u"jimjn said and someone came in it was iu and i quick run to her and hug her..

And i broke te hug"i miss u so much unnie!"i said she smile"i miss u either.. Im so happy that your going to get married..and thank for inviting me to your wedding"iu said"your welcome" i said


Hi everyone i whould like to say that thank u for supporting this book...

Thank u guys so so much i love u everyone!

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