Chapter 13. (:

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*ARTHUR'S NOTE!* SO SO SO SO SORRY that I havn't been on! I've been extremely busy and plus I don't have a charger for my laptop. My cat thought it was food and it no longer charges my laptop. IT SUCKS! Any ways.. this chapter is only going to be a filler chapter because I have to get ready for tomorrow. My FIRST day of High School. I AM SO NERVOUS. Yes. I am a freshman.

Chapter 13. *Hannah's POV*

  On the ride home we all pretty much slept the whole time. It was quite relaxing after the crazy day we had. It was fabulous but it was busy.

  I was on the air plane. Got to the stadium. Met Harry in person. He asked me out. We went and surprised Lacy with all the big news. Afterwards we watched the boys preformed, then came home.

  We decided to stay at Niall's and that was okay with everybody..

   Honestly I was just ready for later to go out to the studio. It's her first recording time in the booth. She doesn't know it yet, but I was trying not to overwhelm her even more than she already was from last night..

   This was such a new experience to her, but it was a good one. An experience that she really needed right now, whether she thinks so or not.

  "Hey Han.. What's up?" I was sitting on the couch 'Watching' the TV, while I sipped on some TV thinking about the latest events over and over again. I turned around to see Harry leaning on the doorway to the lounge watching me.

"How long have you been there?"

"Long enough to know you were thinking." He smirked then came over and sat next to me.

"You my Hazza knew correctly." I smiled as I leaned my head on his shoulder.

"Hmm. May ask what about love?" He asked while he held my hand.. Butterflies started flowing quickly in my gut. This has never happened before.. but I like it.

"I guess.. I was just thinking about Lacy.. This is going to be a great experience for her, I just hope she realizes it. She has all of her friends with her. She gets to do something I know for a fact she enjoys more than she even knows. I'm happy for her and I'm happy I get to be here to see it all happen for her." I started smiling to the thought about it. I was happy for my best friend. She had everything she ever needs here with her and I'm going to be here to help support her all the way through. No matter what happens, good or bad.

"Ahh.. I see, well I'm glad to know she has people who care about her so much. I know the feeling I get when I just get to hang out with my mates. I care about everyone of them and I care so much about you too." I started blushing.

"I care about you too."

"Well. Good." He laughed, he started talking again, "So Hannah.. I have a question."

"That is.."

"Well you know, we should go on a date.." I started blushing even more and my smile got even bigger, if that's even possible.

"I would absolutely love that Harry." I could tell he was smiling.

*Authors Note.*

So I know. It's short, but it's something for now. I won't be able to update as often so, I'm planning every Friday or Saturday I will upload if I can.. You can check my messages on my message wall, because it'll have any updates or news that I may have regarding this story. Sorry about not being able to update as often and like I said this chapter was really just a filler for now. SNEAK PEAK FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!. The next chapter will have Harry's date with Hannah and also the studio with Lacy and the other boys! Or so I think it will.. Just depends! Thanks for reading!

-ThatGirlBrooke- :)

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