Rachel’s P.O.V

I was sitting on the couch. Niall just kissed me. I mean it was just a kiss. Nothing official. I was sitting on the couch eating my cereal I think we had rehearsals and that management wanted us, as in us girls, to come up with a band name. We went through so many arguments over the name. Finally open book was the winner. It was a pretty cool name so now we were known as open book. I finished up my cereal and went upstairs to my room. Niall wasn’t there. I’m pretty sure he was in one of the boys rooms. I took a shower. Once I got out I wore a tank top and tied it to the side. I wore sweat shorts. The tank top tied just a bit higher then the shorts so a tiny bit of my mid riff was showing. I walked to Tracey's room and the rest of the girls were ready. They were all wearing something comfortable Tracey was wearing a coral hoodie with gray capri sweatpants. Sarah was was wearing a beige cropped shirt with baggy black capri sweats. Ellise was wearing a blue tank top with grey sweats that got tighter at the ends. They all looked at me with the same look. I rolled my eyes.

“Do not say a word. Now let's go downstairs the guys are probably waiting.”

They nodded and walked behind me when we went downstairs the boys all looked at us. This always happened when we walked down the stairs. They would stop whatever they were doing and look at us. That is what was happening right now. We continued walking down the stairs and once we got to the bottom Tracey coughed obnoxiously and that snapped the boys back to reality. I was looking at Niall and he was smiling at me so I smiled back.

“Let's go, shall we?”

Liam said. We all nodded and walked over to the door. We opened the door and like usual there were fans waiting on the street. The boys went and signed autographs for most of them and said a few words for videos. Then they joined us in the car. I wasn’t sitting next to Niall mostly because he came in last. We reached the studio where there were hundreds of fans screaming outside of the studio. We walked in and I waved to a few fans that called my name and walked inside. We walked down the halls in to a big room with a mirror wall on a side of the room. I started running around. I am so mature. Louis joined me and soon everyone was running around the room. Then a girl dressed usually like us walked in and stood there. I was the first to notice her and I stopped running. Everyone else followed.

“Hey, I'm going to be your choreographer...”

We looked at each other We had no idea how to dance. I mean we can dance for fun but never professionally. She saw our look and sh continued her sentence.

“Not as in dance routines but as in how you are going to walk on stage.”

We all let out a breath of air and she smiled.

“I am Laura. Nice to meet you girls. I've seen your videos and you are a talented bunch.”

“Aww thank you, I'm Ellise.”

“I'm Tracey.”

“I'm Rachel.”

“I'm Sarah.”

We all stepped forward and shook hands with her.

“Nice to meet you, okay I have a message from Simon. He said since you guys don’t have any original songs you will sing covers. So he said you guys sing 2 covers together and 4 covers with the boys in duets and one trio. Okay?”

“So what your saying is we will be preforming two songs as open books. And then each of us will sing a cover with one of the boys?”

“Exactly. So I'm going to give you guys a few minutes to decide the groups. It has to be 3 duets and 1 trio so get in groups and I will assign you guys the song.”

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