Chapter 31: Pokemon Mansion

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The door creaked eerily as Hikaru, Kimyona, and Sentoki stepped into the mansion. The group went there to get the key that lets them battle the gym. Obviously, it was Hikaru's idea at first but she lured her friends in with the gym so that she doesn't go alone. It was clear that she was excited by the way she hugged Pichu and told him how cool it was. Sentoki and Kimyona, on the other hand, were both tense. The mansion had a creepy aura to it. They heard a squeaking noise and all of them jumped.

"This is so cool!!" Hikaru exclaimed.

"No, it's not," Kimyona said looking around the building, "Let's just find the key and leave as fast as we can."

"It's not that bad," said Sentoki, placing his hand on a dusty piece of furniture, "Well, not as bad as I thought it would be."

"Hey, let's go upstairs," Hikaru said, starting to walk up the stairs with Sentoki following. Kimyona hesitated for a bit then hurried along so she wouldn't be left behind. The stairs creaked with each step up, and it was loud. As soon as they got to the top, they were greeted with an annoyed pack of Grimer to the left of them.

"We better go," Sentoki said, pulling Hikaru to the path on the opposite direction with Grimer chasing them. Kimyona got caught up in the confusion and instead of following her friends, she panicked and went down the stairs. She tripped and fell along the way down. Fortunately, none of the Grimer followed her but she got separated by the group. She thought about going back upstairs to look for them but she was scared that she might meet more Pokemon. That's when Ivysaur came out.

"Ivysaur," Ivysaur said sternly. Kimyona looked into her eyes. She was encouraging her to go face her fears and look for her friends. Kimyona took a deep breath, looked at Ivysaur and headed back upstairs. Kimyona and Ivysaur went the way Sentoki and Hikaru went.

"This place sure is old," Kimyona said as she looked at the tattered decoration on the walls of the hall, "I wonder how it was burned down. It's in such a secluded place."

She heard a low growl behind her. She and Ivysaur turned around to find a colony of fire and poison type Pokemon. There were Growlithes, Vulpixs, Ponytas, Weezings, and Grimers.

"So that's why," said Kimyona a bit nervously. Ivysaur was ready for battle but instead of being commanded, she was told to run away. And the plan worked marvelously until they came to the top floor and realized that they were being chased by a Magmar.

"Looks like the leader's here. Guess I have no choice. Ivysaur! Razor Leaf!" Kimyona commanded. Thousands of leaves pelted the Magmar but they were incinerated by it's Flamethrower. It then used Flame Charge. It came straight at Ivysaur but thankfully she was able to counter with Double-Edge. It used Flame Charge again, this time it was faster. Ivysaur dodged but it came straight to Kimyona. Ivysaur used Vine Whip to stop Magmar from hurting her trainer, burning herself in the process. Ivysaur threw the Magmar back away. Kimyona heard the faint sound of foot steps. She looked towards a long corridor and commanded Ivysaur to use Razor Leaf into the hallway. She listened the sharp blades tear the wind before it was cut off by an oddly familiar voice.

'That was Sumato!' thought Kimyona. She looked back and saw Ivysaur get knocked back by Flamethrower.

"Ivysaur! Stop! You're hurt!" Kimyona cried as she diverted her attention back to the battle. Ivysaur didn't listen. Her grip on the Magmar was slowly loosen.

'Kimyona can't get hurt,' thought Ivysaur. Suddenly, Ivysaur started glowing. She grew in size and evolved into a Venusaur! She tightened her grip on the Magmar and threw it to the side. Magmar flinched from the impact. Kimyona thought up a strategy and used this opportunity.

"Venusaur! Sleep Powder!" Green spores started to flow into Magmar's general area and then it fell asleep. Kimyona then commanded Venusaur to use Petal Dance. Beautiful pink flowers circled Magmar and attacked it. Venusaur kept using Petal Dance on the sleeping Pokemon. Out of nowhere, Venusaur was attacked.

"Dammit, the colony's here," said Kimyona as the Pokemon piled into the corridor. She was about to unleash her other Pokemon when a Thunderbolt attack came behind her and hit the group of Pokemon.

"Awesome, Pichu," Kimyona heard Hikaru say. Sentoki was right behind her.

"Kimyona, you okay?" Sentoki asked when they got to her.

"Looks like we missed something important," Hikaru said, looking at Venusaur battling the now awake moment.

"No time for that. We need to get rid of these Pokemon and find the key," Kimyona ordered.

"We can handle these together. You finish your battle with that Magmar," Sentoki said, taking out Rambo as Hikaru took out Charizard. The group went had a full on war with the Pokemon Mansion Pokemon. Before they knew it, they beat all the Pokemon but the building caught on fire in the process.

"It's from the fire Pokemon," Sentoki said.

"And the gas from the poison Pokemon is making it spread," Hikaru added.

"We have to put out this fire!" Kimyona shouted, "It's these Pokemon's home. We can't let it burn down." She took out Dewgong and Sentoki took out Icer. Rambo, Dewgong, and Icer put out the fire as the group left the building. By the time they left, the fire was put out.

"Well that was close," Hikaru said after Sentoki and Kimyona returned their Pokemon.

"Too close if you ask me," Sentoki commented, "Come on, let's go back to the hotel."

"But we didn't get the key," Kimyona pointed out. On cue, the Magmar she was battling came out of the mansion. It had something in its hands. It gave it to Kimyona, nodded its head, and went back to the mansion.

"What did it give you?" Hikaru asked as she looked over Kimyona's shoulder.

"It's the key!" Kimyona exclaimed. She showed it to her friends.

"It must be a thanks for saving their home," Sentoki said.

"Yeah, and now we can battle the gym," said a smiling Kimyona. They started walking towards their hotel.

"Let's go tomorrow. I'm tired from all that searching," Hikaru said putting her hands on the back of her head.

"We barely did anything. We were trying to find each other," Sentoki retorted. They bickered all the way back to the hotel. Kimyona didn't notice. She was just happy that she faced her fears and that her Venusaur evolved. When they gang got back to the hotel, it was already sundown.

"How about a short leisurely walk on the beach to cool down?" asked Sentoki as he took his jacket, bandana, and shades off.

"Sure. After all, we're still pretty tense from earlier," agreed Kimyona.

They changed to comfortable clothes and headed to the beach. They felt the smooth water hit their feet as they gazed up at the stars. Sentoki lifted his hand up and closed his eyes. He felt something touch it as he opened his eyes.

"Mew," Sentoki uttered.

"Did you say something?" Hikaru asked.

"Huh? No. No, I didn't," Sentoki shrugged it off, 'I gotta be more careful.'

They got back to the hotel and grabbed a drink in the lobby.

"So what happened up there? Why did they all suddenly attack?"

"Ultron was there."

"Wait, what? How?"

"I heard Sumato's voice."


"I heard footsteps and told Venusaur to use Razor Leaf in the direction I heard them coming from. Once I couldn't hear the wind, I heard someone yelling and the voice was Sumato."

"So maybe they aggravated the Pokemon and they thought it was you."


They finished their drinks and headed up and went straight to bed. After all, they did have a gym battle the next day.

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