Chapter 5

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Rainkit decided not to tell anyone about what she heard. She heard the sunhigh patrol coming back. By the smell of it, it was all the new warriors and Greyheart. Brownfur and Spiritfeather had come awful close latly. And it was ovious that Icesong and Oceanmelody both liked Twistedfoot. Rainkit raced out into the camp and crouched beside the entrance. Fawnkit raced after her. ''What is it?'' Fawnkit asked.'' Father's back'' Rainkit meowed. Fawnkit's eyes brightened. Fawnkit crouched on the other side of the entrance, facing Rainkit. They were both ready to attack. Rainkit sniffed the air. Greyheart was in the rear. Brownfur and Spiritfeather were in front, Twistedfoot right behind them and Oceanmelody and Icesong were walking side by side behind Twistedfoot. Brownfur and Spiritfeather were to into eachother to notice them. Twistedfoot was deep in thought, Beathing out the words he was thinking. '' I want a mate. Oceanmelody or Icesong?'' Rainkit heard before he walked away to the warriors den. She could still hear him as clear as day, but she blocked it out. It was private stuff. Oceanmeody and icesong were to worried about Twistedfoot to even care if they saw them. Finally, Greyheart padded in the camp. Rainkit and Fawnkit didnt wait a second to think. They just attacked. Greyheart's eyes widend then he realized what was going on. He fake-growled and shook them off. Then he crouched, rear up, eyes sparkling. Rainkit sat back, tiped her head to one side and said, '' can you teach me how to fight?'' 

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