You know how when you have a dream where you're falling and suddenly you jolt awake as if you fell in real life? Yeah, that's what happened to me and it left me breathing heavily. Lying awake, I had no clue where I was. It was bright and shelves of books surrounded me. I quietly sat up trying not to make a sound and realized I was in a library. Oh yeah.. last night Madison, Damon and I came here for shelter. I glanced at the clock on the wall to my right that read 7:23. I was guessing it was AM since beyond the glass windows it was light outside.

Slowly I slid out of the purple chair I had just been sound asleep in, folded my arms and ventured forward. I felt well rested even though my back had a slight pull deep within. I stretched my arms above my head and moaned. I went to the double doors that also existed as the entrance to the library. I open one set and went into the small room in between double doors that every building had. I came closer to the officially front doors and opened them making sure I didn't fully close them so I didn't get locked out. I looked at the piece of paper that showed the hours.

Monday - Thursday: 7AM to 6PM

Friday - Saturday:  9AM to 4PM

Sunday:  8AM to 4PM 

I couldn't quite remember what day it was and how soon we had until the owners would be back to re-open the Library. I counted back in my head twice just to make sure. It was Sunday. We had less than thirty five mins to get out of there knowing a librarian would most likely come in before it opened. Rushing back inside, I sprinted up to Damon and shook him awake.

"What?" he moaned clearly annoyed.

"We have to get out of here," I shook him harder.

"And why is that?" he opened one eye and looked at me.

"It's," I glanced at the clock, "Seven twenty-six."

He looked confused, "and that matters why?"

"Because it's Sunday and the library opens at eight!" I loudly announced. Those words made him realize what would happen if we got caught.

"Oh shit,” he sprung up and began to clean up the mess we had made that previous night. I went over to Madison and softly woke her up. She rubbed her eyes and was slightly confused.

"Come on sweetie. We have to go find a new place to stay." I cooed as she slowly understood and got to her feet waiting for us to tell her what would happen next. Suddenly we heard the front doors clicking open and an older woman humming. Damon and I shot each other the look as I picked up Madison and we hid, out of sight, behind a book shelf.

"What are we going to do?" I whispered. The older lady appeared. She was hunched slightly over and her light gray hair was pinned in a bun on top of her small head. Her nose was scrunched up as if she always smelled something funny and her face was free of any age spots or wrinkles. She hummed an unknown tone as she approached the front desk.

"Take the back door out of here. When I was walking around last night I found a stair case over there," he pointed towards an unfamiliar area of the library, "that lead me outside."

"Okay, well how do we get over there without her seeing us?" I whispered just barley audible, terrified the woman would hear me.

"I have an idea," Damon sneaked down the shelf in the opposite direction of the front desk. I turned around to see what he was up to. I bit down on my lip I was so nervous. He brought his hand up and stuck in through the shelf pushing five or so books forward creating a huge boom. I twisted my head around and saw the old lady staring at the books on the other side of the shelf. She stood up and cautiously started our way.

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