II. Maelynette

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                And the winner for this year’s Ms. University goes to: Maelynette Montereal!

                There was a roll of thunderous applause, flowers showered to the stage, men stood and waved just to get a glimpse of her, everyone was in awe with her genuine beauty and grace. She smiled and threw kisses to them and those who were lucky enough to be in the right direction at the right time blushed as if it was true. A stampede was almost breaking and for a while it seemed that the stage security couldn’t hold anymore the mob. The power of beauty made men wild again.

                With that, Maelynette has made another name for herself. Genuine beauty is difficult to find but beauty matched with intellect, grace and finesse are rare. However, it doesn’t mean that if it’s rare it does not exist. Maelynette Montereal has all these qualities and she has a lot of them. She grew up living on the finer side of life. At a young age, she had already travelled around the world and had seen a lot of beautiful places. Her father was a business tycoon who owned a big number of companies: Fortune Trade Incorporated, Multi-Firm Incorporated and Big Boulders Firm. All of this made possible through Mr. Armando Montereal’s dedication to work, luck and many other things.

                Maelynette grew having almost everything that she wants, she would get it; from food to clothing and even on companions. She could acquire anything that she wants as long as she talks to her parents about it. One time, a famous pop singer was on tour in their place and she wanted to have dinner with that singer. She had the dinner and she was even treated as a guest and the singer was the host.  She is that special that even the famous and popular are almost bowing down to her.

                And not only the famous and popular, a lot of boys are really into Maelynette. Her blue eyes are really a wonder. Her fair porcelain skin would attract a lot of persons. She has this long dark hair that mesmerizes men and of course, the way she moves. She moves like a swan in a calm lake under the moonlight. The way that she dances on the center stage for her performance is like an angel’s intermission number.  With everything that she has, she could boast up until she wants but she’s not doing it. The thing about Maelynette is that she’s simply humble. Unlike other girls, they don’t go out exaggerating and flaunting their body. It would be rare seeing Maelynette wearing shorts or miniskirts. She would casually wear long skirts in a floral pattern and that would suffice. Other girls of her age wear thick layers of make-up, but not her. Her natural beauty is enough, the only time that she would wear makeup (and it would just be light) is when she would join a contest or she’s on a very important event.

                But this day was not a very important day. Yet.

                The October wind blew hard against her face taking off her light braid. Her dark hair now stumbled on her back. People who could walk near her could smell the scent of her shampoo. It’s the time of that day that she would devote herself to the art of staying healthy through yoga and jogging. It’s merely my leisure, just to spend the time on my hands. This was her excuse but truth be told, this was already becoming a major part in her system.

                On that 21st day of October 2010, Maelynette or as her friends fondly call her, Mae, had finished early her jog around their campus park. It was originally an old park where crimes and thugs would normally be happening at night but when the park was rehabilitated by the Montereal’s it was assured with security and it became a gift to the university from the city.

                As she was doing her yoga, she couldn’t help but notice that there were a lot of people looking at her. Usually, the northern part of the park was not this full but she lost the thought as she focused on her breathing.

                Breathe in… Breathe out…

                She let the energy pulse through her veins while feeling all her surroundings. She listened and tried to picture her environment with her mind. Waiting for the right moment, she moved her left foot and carried it to her back to make an angle with her legs.

                Breathe in.. Breathe out..

                She finished her yoga and headed home earlier. She looked at her golden Rolex watch that glistened under the rays of the sun: 11:50. She was ten minutes earlier so she decided to walk towards the northern gate.

                It was a good five minute walk when she felt that she was being followed. She looked at her back and there was no one there. She walked faster, trying to get to the highway just outside of the north gate as fast as she could but she was too far. She decided to defend herself. She fingered her pepper spray that she always had with her since she received malicious messages from unknown numbers.

                A few more minutes passed and she was still being followed. She decided to act quickly and ran. But to her dismay, just a few feet after running, she was not able to move already. Big long arms got her from behind. She tried to scream but he was just in time to cover her mouth.

                She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t use her pepper spray.

                “Sssshhh baby, it’s all right.” He said in a cold voice. 

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