Chapter 2 : My best friends one direction?

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*Annabelle’s POV*

“ANNA!!! WAKE UP! You’re off to London today love!” My mum shouted up the stairs. I smiled dragging myself out of bed. In a matter of hours I would be in London to record music! My dream is finally coming true and a bonus? It’s all thanks to One Direction!

“Im up mum!” I shouted grabbing my phone from the night stand. I had a text from Niall.

> From: Niall the leprechaun:

Morning Love! You ready for today? Meeting us amazing lads and all!

-Niall xx<

>To: Niall the leprechaun:

Morning leprechaun! I’ve just arose from the cage called my bed room :p all dressed and ready to meet some weird lads!

-Annabelle xox<

> From: Niall the leprechaun:

We’ve been ready ;p we stayed ‘UP ALL NIGHT!’ haha! ;) right then! Go get yourself to the airport! The boys say move you’re ass! :p theyre not very nice! Oh well! You’ll have me :p cus im oh so amazing!

-Niall xx<

> To: Niall the leprechaun:

Yeah Niall! Keep telling yourself that :p cant wait to meet you all! Goin to say bye to my parents then off to meet you lads! Lots of love to you five!

-Annabelle xox<

I smiled to myself. I hadn’t even met this boy in person and we already talk like this. This is going to be amazing.

I walked into the airport with one last hug to my folks and I walked onto the plane. The ride was long and I kept fidgeting. I was too excited to keep still. When I felt the plane land I was so ecstatic! I grabbed my bags and walked into the London airport. I walked around for a while until I saw a sign that said ‘ANNABELLE JAMES IS PHENOMINIALL!’. I laughed at their sheer dorkiness and walked to the five boys who later on would turn into my new best friends.

“Hi boys!” I said when I saw them. They turned around smiling and Louis ran over to me. “HELLO!” He said hugging me tightly. I laughed at his dorkiness even though he’s the oldest one. “Hi Louis!” I said smiling as he released our hug. “Hi Annabelle!” Liam said giving me a hug. “Hi Liam! You can call me Anna.” I said smiling. Zayn came over and hugged me then threw an arm around my shoulder. “Hey Anna! Now word of warning, try not to fall in love with me too fast.” I rolled my eyes at this and took his arm off my shoulder. “No problem Zayn.” I said patting his shoulder. “Nice one!” Harry said walking over and hugging me. “Thanks curly.” I said smiling. “ANNA!” Niall yelled running over and engulfing me in a huge hug. “Hey leprechaun!” I said smiling. He let me down and I grabbed my bags following the boys to their car around back. We got in the car and I sat between Liam and Niall. My phone started playing ‘Up All Night’. Oh the irony! I blushed pulling it out and answering it.

“John!” I said happily into the phone. The boys gave me curious looks but I ignored them for now.

“Hey Ann! Are you there yet?”

“Yeah we’re on our way to the house. How’s mum?”

“She’s good. A little sad since you left but she’s doing ok.”

“How are you doing, then John?”

“I miss you but I’ll be ok. I get to speak to you so I’m good.” The car came to stop so I figured we had arrived.

“Right then, we just got here so I’ll call you later, yeah? Love you.”

“Love you too Anna!” I hung up still getting confused looks from the boys.

“Boyfriend?” Harry asked and I almost choked on my water.

“No! John’s my best friend! His girl friend is my other best friend, she’s also obsessed with you boys.”

“Oh.” The boy all said nodding in understanding. I shook my head as we got out of the car. The house was huge! It was beautiful and I couldn’t believe that I will be living here, with One Direction! We walked inside and I sat my bags by the door.

“Alright, you’ll be rooming with Liam!” Harry said throwing an arm around me. “Yay! I have a feeling I’ll get along with him.” I said smiling.

Liam smiled and everyone chuckled. “Ok, so do you want a tour?” Louis asked me. “Sure.” I said smiling. Liam walked me around showing me all the different places in the house until, finally we came to the living room. The boys were strown across the room so Liam and I plopped down on the couch. Harry came over and sat on my lap and I groaned. “HARRY! GET YOUR FAT ASS OFF ME!” I said pushing him off. He fell to the floor and fake cried. “Aw! Hazza it’s ok! I’m here!” Louis said pulling Harry onto his lap. “MY BOO BEAR!” Harry yelled hugging him back. “AND LARRY STYLINSON EXISTS!” I said and all of the boys burst out laughing. “Ok, well I’m ganna go raid your refrigerator!” I said patting Liam’s leg and standing up. “WOW! We really have discovered Niall’s soul mate!” Louis exclaimed and I couldn’t help but blush. I really do think Niall’s a cutie. “OH LOOK! SHE’S BLUSHING!” Louis exclaimed. “SHUT IT LOU!” I yelled throwing a pillow at him which he effortlessly caught. I swore under my breath as they laughed and I walked into the kitchen. I made a sandwich and walked back into the living room to find Zayn on the floor, Liam and Niall playing Mario Cart, and Harry lying on top of Louis. Wait, WHAT?! “I’m not even ganna ask.” I said plopping down between my two favorite boys, Niall and Liam. “You suck at this game Li.” I said to Liam referring to his horrible skills at this game. “I’d like to see you do better!” Liam said. I took his controller and, to the boys surprise, beat Niall. I smirked handing a surprised Liam my controller and grabbed my phone. “Woah.” Zayn said. I giggled and all of the boys finally snapped out of it. “Hey what are you doing?” Liam asked throwing an arm around my shoulder. To the boys surprise I leaned my head on his shoulder instead of pulling away. “Twitter.” I replied simply. I then continued to form a new tweet.

>AnnabelleJamesMusic : Hanging with my new roomies, the @onedirection boys! They’re so much fun! I just kicked Niall’s ASS in Mario Kart! HA! Take that ass wopping leprechaun! :p love you Niall! :3 hehe @NiallHoranMusic<

Niall rolled his eyes and the other boys chuckled. In minutes my phone blasted with mentions. I was so engulfed in my phone that I didn’t realize Louis had taken a picture of Liam and I. My phone vibrated and I saw he had mentioned me on twitter.

>@onedirection : With our new bestfriend Anna! She’s a sweetheart and she is the only girl known to restist Zayn’s charm…but maybe not Liam’s? ;) these two are adorkable :p @AnnabelleJamesMusic @LiamPayneMusic –Louis <

>@AnnabelleJamesMusic : Oh please Lou! I don’t plan on falling for any of you dorks! Besides, Niall’s the only one my age! :p @onedirection –Anna xox C:<

>@onedirection : age is but a number my dear little Annie, I bet by the end of the day you will have already fallen for one of us! ;) *probably the swag masta from Doncaster!* @AnnabelleJamesMusic – Louis<

>@AnnabelleJamesMusic : keep telling yourself that carrot boy! :p @onedirection –Anna xox C:<

“HEY,” Niall shouted in his thick Irish accent. We all turned to look at him curiously, Liam’s arm still around me. “How about we go to the beach?” He suggested. “YEAH!” We all yelled smiling. “Right then, let’s get ready!” Liam said lifting us from the couch. I walked to our room grabbing my bikini and a pair of shorts and walked into the bathroom.

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