Have you ever had your whole school depending on you? Well, I do, and trust me, it's not always the best feeling in the world. I just never thought that I would have to compete for it. It all started at school one day, my best friends and I, who are all juniors in high school, were sitting in our homeroom, science. Aimee and I were with Leah talking about the newest thing happening in her book, when we overheard the capitols talking about their party on tonight (we call the "popular" people capitols because they think they own the school, and its like their "capitol"). Now, we aren't popular or anything so we didn't really care all that much, except when they turned to Hayden, our best guy friend, and asked him if he wanted to come. This didn't surprise us all that much; Hayden had given up the opportunity to be popular when we came to high school to be best friends with us because we had been best friends since sixth grade. He was a 6 foot, 200 pound, muscle, stocky guy who played football; of course they would ask him. He could have any girl he wanted, but he chose Aimee, the girl who he has been dating since last year, but has liked for even longer. 

                    After they had said, "Well, you're welcome to come, it's for all people who are, well, let's just say, a somebody." We all turned and looked at him. He gave us his signature smile, and shrugged. We all knew that he wouldn't live that one down. Just then, my boyfriend Easton walked in, kissed me on the head, and sat down next to Hayden. 

"Hey guys, how's it going?" 

"Hayden got asked to a party," I said. 

"Is that so? Hayden got asked to the Somebody Party! All right! That's the boy!" 

Us girls all gave Easton the death glare. "East, it's not cool, anybody who is somebody gets invited to that party and in case you didn't notice we are the only three that haven't gotten invited to this Somebody Party," I said in my now you ticked me off voice. 

"Oh wow, okay, I didn't know I was entering world war three. I assumed that since they asked him, that you guys got invited too; and Jace, I was already told to bring you, just to let you know and your making the cupcakes. So Aimee, you probably were assumed too and Leah, you know that Will was asked, they thought you would come too. Guys, don't worry about it, okay," he said. 

"Fine, I guess you're right," Aimee said. 

As the bell rang and class went on, I wondered if Easton was right. I mean, I have never gotten invited to a party before because they would tell Easton to bring me. It's not that people hate me and don't want to ask me or anything, it's because of my cupcakes. I make them for everything. I love them and want to be a cake maker and decorator when I grow up, so I make them for parties, games, hangouts, and birthdays. Well, actually for birthdays I make huge cakes. I was thinking of this the whole class period until my teacher called on me to answer a question. I didn't hear her and Leah said my name and Easton kicked the back of my chair. 

"Um...... can you repeat the question please?" 

"I will repeat it for the third time Miss Tulawiski. What happens to the mass of a substance when a gas is formed?" 

"It loses mass because some of the matter was turned into the gas which made it weigh less." 

"Thank you Jacelyn for coming back to science." 

When the bell rang I rushed out of there, I love science, but I couldn't stand being there anymore. I ditched my friends, which I never do, and went straight to my locker. All of a sudden I felt two arms around my waist. Easton. 

"Hey, what was wrong back there, you were in a different world?" 

"Oh, it was nothing, just. I um.... I have to get to class." 

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