Who I Am Part 1

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My family house comes from a long line of Royals. Royals who live holding true to the old ways of royalty. Not like they do today with their fashion and visits abroad like they do. But we are not like that. We can not be like that.

Not like the normal ones you read about in the paper or see on a film today. We are not the glammerous ones that flitter from one event to another one and in between those events, a child is produced to the joy and excitement of the world.

My family house of royals are determined by strength. They are determined by the honor they hold and the courage they show when all is left but to stand and face the enemy when all seems lost.

By example, my family take the lead in any battle that comes our way regardless of it being a battle from within... or a battle from the outside.

During times of peace, there is no need for a queen. The advisor with a ring of  friends to the crown help to rule our home. Our country. It has been done that way for thousands of years. There is no need for it to change.

But, every few generations, there will be that one time when a queen is needed. A queen who leads and rules to fight for and to protect her subjects from the invasion and harm that those around us would attempt to throw at us regardless of the sacrifices she has to make along the way.

I am the Panthera. The last of the Griffin. This is my story. A story about a girl who became a queen. A Queen that has not been seen for a thousand years. A Queen that was made from the legends of the past.

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Authors Note:

This is a story that has been fluttering around in my head for years. I think it's time to bring it to life.

Let me know what you think? I would appreciate it.

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