Chapter Two: Some Answers

            A few days later, I found myself outside getting away from the unmanageable patient I’d found myself taking care of. When he wasn’t pestering me with questions, he was trying to get up and move around. When I couldn’t take it anymore and was on the verge of blowing up at him, which wouldn’t have been good in his present condition, I decided to take a walk to cool my head. This trip outside also had a higher purpose though. Besides not killing a vastly annoying man, I was making sure that the huge rainstorm that had gone through the area had erased all evidence of my journey home with Aiden. It was of vital importance to hide all signs that we were here, for obvious reasons. As I re-created that trip I searched for any sign of our passage, but found no trace of our presence; I even backtracked to the clearing to make absolutely certain.

I started to turn back to camp, but then I heard that loud humming noise; I quickly ducked below some low hanging branches of a huge pine and hid myself behind the trunk. I had barely hidden myself when a weird looking contraption touched down in the clearing. It was sleek and silver with an iridescent sheen to it. It would have been pretty if not for the many protrusions that were obviously dangerous weapons. They looked like they could level the whole forest with one shot. As I watched, a ramp slid out of the thing, and two figures started to descend. They were wearing dark grey cloaks that covered most of their bodies and hoods that put their features into deep shadows. They also moved stiffly without grace. Out of the thing came another figure, this one dressed in a cloak of the deepest black. Unlike the others this one seemed to float down the ramp fluidly. As they walked towards the place where I found Aiden, the leader let out a string of curses, or at least I thought he did, but considering the unfamiliar language he used, he could have been commenting on the beauty of the wildflowers or the warmth of the spring day except for his tone.

“Where is he, you  inferior imbeciles?” the leader said with obvious distaste.

“We do not know, master, I left him here like you ordered me to,” one of the cloaked figures said with no emotion.

“I know what I said, but that was before I realized the potential of his frail human body.”

“But my lord, he was dead; there was nothing you could have done.”

“Well, apparently he was not dead, was he, or he would still be here. We must find him, he has secrets locked inside his inferior mind.”

There was a slight rustling in the bushes on the other side of the clearing and the leader ordered the other two over to investigate. Whatever it was it must have been terrifying because they started screaming and the leader rushed to see what the commotion was. I, on the other hand didn’t wait to see what it was, I darted away from the clearing as fast as I could while making sure not to make any noise or leave any tracks, As I stumbled into the caves a while later, Aiden was up and going through all my things. I plucked one of my shoes out of his hands.

“What are you doing with my stuff?” I demanded angrily.

“I don’t know, I can’t remember,” he said shamefacedly.

“You can’t remember why you are gong through my things? You are the worst liar ever.”

When he started to reply, I cut him off. “Never mind, it doesn’t matter, those things that hurt you are searching for you in the clearing right now. What are you hiding Aiden? Why do they still want you, when they thought you were dead?”

“I don’t know, Evie, they must think I know something they could use, but all I know are rumors, that’s it, I swear just rumors!” his voice was pleading, begging me to believe him.

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