A carrier sits in the living room, along with other supplies. "Who owns it?" asks Michelle. She was sitting on the couch wth Cameron and Aj, who was waiting for Lauren. "It says it's for Rachel, but Ryan went to go and wake her up. She slept really late last night." Lauren replied, memories from last night still present in her brain.


       As Rachel was sobbing on Ryan's shoulder as he stroked her brown hair, Lauren was thinking of Dan and Rachel during the first day of school. She practically screamed for him to get in and she quickly sat beside Ryan. She was really trying to get him out of her life, for his sake. She was doing the right thing.. For  his future, his future family. She's trying to hit him so hard that it drives him away forever... Every greeting he gives her, she doesn't reply but growls at him or insults him. She wants him to live a good life, but she wants it to be without her. "I'll just leave you guys here.. I'm going to get a blanket for you Rachel. Stay here." she told the two. As she exited the dorm, Dan just left his. Hey, its Lauren... That must mean Rachel is in that room. they boy thought. As Lauren left, he looked in the room. He froze when he saw Rachel crying on Ryan's shoulder, hugging him tightly as she shivered from the cold.  He pulls her closer to his body and hugs her tighter, burying his nose in her hair, inhaling her cinnamon scent. Dan growls as Rachel looks up, he could clearly see the utter hate and disgust in her silver eyes. Ryan looks to where she is glaring at and his blue eyes show anger and defiance, "LEAVE. NOW." he growls to the brown-eyed boy, hugging Rachel even tighter, as if to protect her from Dan. Dan slams the door and leaves the room before Lauren could return. Later, they tell Lauren everything that happened while trying to calm Rachel down having a fit of thinking that Dan thinks everything is about him.


              "Hey guys." Rachel greets them as she walks into the room with Ryan right beside her. "Who owns the carrier?" she eyes the thing warily. "It's yours." Aj says. Rachel walks to the Carrier, but stopping all together... Then jumping up in down in what she calls a, "Leprechaun Dance". "OH MY ROWLING!!! MY PARENTS GOT ME A CAT!" she screams before hugging Ryan and Lauren tightly. She opens the cage of the Carrier and watches in amazement as a Siamese cat walks out of the containment and walks to Rachel, purring. "The card says his name is Yarin. Age 2. Already trained... Well, that helps the case of doing its buisness." says Cameon, holding a letter as Michelle glares at Rachel and Her boyfriend. Rachel picks the cat up as Dan and Ms. Caldie enters the house. "Ok, Now.. Ms Ridgewell, why do you have a cat?" she asks, eying the little thing. "The cat.. Or should I say, Yarin, was sent to her by her parents. It's trained soo a litterbox would do for her." says Ryan, whom Rachel was sitting with, despite Dan's attempts to sit beside her. Yarin suddenly growled and scracthed Rachel, which in result made her drop Yarin, as it scurried to who-knows-where. "Oh dear, Ryan you go get the medical kit. You have a new classmates today. Their  names are Becca Robins, Jeff Lewick, and Andie Kingsley. Andie is going to stay in Rachel and Penelope's dorm while Becca sleeps in an extra dorm we have. Jeff, you sleep with Dan. We have a new Teacher named Professor Jhone, he teaches  Technology Sciences. Good luck now." she finishes as 2 girls and 1 boy enter the house. The first girl is holding a book, as she carries her lugage into the house, "She seems nice." Ryan whispers to Rachel to which she nodds, as he gets up to retreive the kit and the cat. The second girl is what Lauren, Rachel, and Ryan would groan to, she wear slightly revealing clothes and so much make-up that she looks like a clown, her Neon pink lips looking freaky, her bags pretty much filled with lip gloss and mascara. The last student to come in is Jeff, who just sits beside Dan and starts talking to him, oblivious to the others. "Heyyy Guys! I'm your new classmate!" says the freaky-looking girl, her voice painfully high.

       No one responds to her. "Hey Rachel, it seems that Yarin has already found your room, he wasn't doing anything bad, he was sleeping on your pillow. Adorable little thing." says Ryan as he comes in the room with Yarin and the box, he carefully places Yarin on her lap as he treats Rachel's hand. The girl spots him and eyes him hungrily, and tries to make him notice her. "Hi, I'm Becca Robins, you are?" she asks the boy oblivious to her flirting. "Ryan Thomas, can you please move away? I'm trying to bandage Rachel's hand." he says, also oblivious to Rachel's triumphant smile. "So, can you show me around the school and house? Obviously I'm a new student. " Becca asks, pouting with a idiotic duck face, as she placed her hand on his shoulder, "No, I'm Rachel's guide. Bridgit or Michelle can help you with that." the boy said, as he shrugged off the girl's hand. Finishing on the smiling brunette's hand, he sits beside her and starts stroking the cat's body, but they are squished by Becca, who is clearly desprate to get him to notice her. "C'mon walk with me! I'm much more fun than Rachel and her ugly cat." she says, looking disgusted at the fur ball who looked ready to pounce on her and rip her eyes out. "Excuse me, but who said you were much more fun than her? I have stayed with her for about 3 months now, I know her more than you do and you think she's boring? Clearly something is wrong with you." he replies, and annoyed tone to his voice, " C'mon. Let's go set up Yarin's stuff in Rachel's room." he continues, picking up most of the supplies as Lauren picked up some of them, and Rachel carried Yarin and his Carrier to her Dorm room, leaving a frustrated Becca behind.

                  Later, a still clown-ish Becca sits in her room, ranting about Rachel, "UGGHH It's always RACHEL RACHEL RACHEL! I might not like him as much with my real boyfriend, but still. I'm much prettier than her!!!!" She kicks her bed and throws a tantrum. "I know how you feel. Wanting someone who might be with someone else. I need help. If you help me get rid of Thomas, You get him while I get Rachel... Deal?"  her new guide said with a seemingly dark tone.... She stares at the boy, and without hesitation she says, "Deal."

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