Never-Ending Cycle

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" 'Gret you idiot!" Paw Shook her head, sighing loudly. "You know every time you come by this river something bad happens to you."

"Wolf-girl's right. You should be careful about what you do around here" The mob--or what remained of it was back. The seemed more prepaired to handel us this time. Wolf and all.

"Who are you and what do ya' want with me?!" I demanded. Two of the men marched out to grab me. They had a strong sent of ash and smoke. Probably had a pack of cigerettes before comming to get me. Probably all they'll ever get.

And I thought the millitary in other countries was better than ours--or mine, 'guess that's who's it is now.

I gave them one of my glares before planting my foot in one's face. I punched the next, before slapping him upside the head.

But matters were only made worse.

More men charged the others and I. Once Again I was in the midst of battle. The never-ending cycle continued. Hatred Lead to bloodshed.

"Master! Catch!" Sakakura shouted over the war cries, tossing me the butterknife--the same butterknife I'd thrown into the floor hours earlier.

I grabbed the thrown blade out swiftly out of the air, blocking the swords they used against me. It wasn't a great match, could easily cut off my fingers, but it was better than nothing. Untill the memories flooded back from the hours earlier. The same memories I wish I could forget, but I knew I'd not be the same if they were forgotten.

I remembered something, not like it ever slipped my mind. "That gun--the hand gun only has three shots left. It won't do anything for you" The words--for reason unknown left my mouth, grazing my lips. I didn't know why.

Sakakurra raised an eyebrow as he shouted in anguish. "Why'd Nayame fail to--?"

He could not insult her. Not Nayame. "She didn't fail. Beacuse three shots can delay anyone enough for another to think of something." Panting, digging my nails into her smooth skin. Memories came back.

He argued back, "But she's a guns-"

However, his arguments were nothing to my knowledge. "And a master on the battle field knowing how to keep herself alive along with me. That was her job."

Hosoi stumbled, "She--how?!"

"I know her, better than you think" Six years was it only? No, eight. But it felt like eighty. These moments...I felt like I've known her forever... "You just have to believe in her!" I found myself shouting now. Shouting and crying. "If you choose to use it, just know it'll only take me seconds to get to you and help you. So don't waste them. You only get three. Use them wisely." I stopped for a moment to raise my angered fist quickly above my head to punch the guy who leaned above me under the chin. The idea came to me. "I've got it! Run down the river bank until you reach the bridge. Follow the current of the water."

I heard Hosoi's concerned voice above everything, "you're not gonna throw yourself in again?!"

"Just do as I say Sakakurra!" I barked as Paw, Adolf, and Sakakurra ran down the shore line. I spun around to look at the men facing me.

"Hey losers! I shout to grab their attension if I didn't already have it. I shook most of the cold water off of my body. This probably wasn't good for a body, however I knew I already wasn't in a good condition as is. "If it's me you're after...COME AND GET ME!!!"

Backing up on the river bank, I closed my eyes. I heard the earth crumble beneath my feet as the rushing of the river swells filled my ears. The icy blueish-grey waves crashed along the rocky line.

When I fall into the river, Every time, Nayame comes. Nayame comes. Nayame comes. Nayame comes to beat some sense into me. always came back for me, you need me to live. They want me now Nayame. Dead. Nayame isn't here. Did they...did they kill her?

"You dirty little-"

I irrationaly scream, "I. Am. Not. LITTLE! DON'T BELITTLE YOUR SURPERIORS!!!" My right foot was placed back as a wider stance was presumed. The ground was sturdy enough to hold myself, but even the slightest bit of force might offset it and launch me with the crumbling earth into the icy clutch of the river. This was all about foot placement now. One wrong placement-one false step-and I was done for.

My knees were slightly bent in preperation to be thrown into the coldest bath I'd ever take. Nayame will come.

The man laughs as many of them corner me, "Backing up now? Such foolishness. Taking on men who are stronger than you."

I roared, "ENOUGH! THE FOOLISH ONE IS THE ONE WHOM BELITTLES THE HEAD OF THIS COUNTRIES'S MILITARY POWER!" I gave them one last glare before I close my eyes and hurl myself into the open arms of the cold icy depths of the river. I open my eyes because of it's harsh embrace, but then soft and slowly close them. It consumes me whole, not leaving an ounce of sunlight or warmth left in me.

I hear one of the men scour, "this girl is insane. Making us have to catch and chase her before she is forever lost."

That was the last thing my ears caught. But someone my face mustered up the strenght to smile. This was the way things were done...

My consioness drifted away as well as myself in the cold embrace of the river.

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