We had been on this date for two hours now. I just didn't want to leave. I loved his personailty, and his looks made it even better. The resturant was actually about to close because the waiter just kept staring at us, like"get up and leave already" " Todd, I think we should go." I said after i stopped laughing. " But, i'm enjoying myself too much." " We can continue this somewhere else then." I offered. " I know the perfect place, follow me in your car." He said. Todd came behind me and pulled out my chair for me. He was such a gentlemen. When I got inside my car, I texted Ashley"How is your date going so far?" She replied with" I'm kinda in the middle of something." As sson as she texted with that, I knew she got what she was dying for since freshmen year. I saw his car take off so I started following him. Then it hit me, what if he was taking me to a back alley where no one would ever visit and kill me? Todd wouldn't do that, he was nice, handsome, and..also a stranger. I was being stupid..again. I was letting Ashley get into my head once again.

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