Twisted Love Affair

Chapter 46

My team consisted of Kasey, Lisa, and Courtney it was odd but me and Kasey felt it was better to have them with us then with a different group. That saying keep your friends close and your enemy's closer comes to mind in this situation.

Kasey and I had taken on the task of scoping out the Lone Star Bar which was known for being a hot spot with The Slick Bastards & Ladies. It was like a gathering place where they came to either get drunk and laid or even sometimes have meetings.

Tiggy had given me the layout of the floor plan; it's a two story brick building the first floor consisting obviously of the bar but was connected to a long hallway. From that hallway it led you to a back room which was holding there inventory while at the end of it there was another door way.

That door way was almost completely covered by the stairway that leads you to the second floor; if I hadn't looked at the floor plan I would have missed it. The second floor consist of three bedrooms and two bathrooms it was like a miniature apartment.

From the information I had gathered the owner of the bar lived in one of the rooms his name was Tony Hobart he had quite the rap sheet. We would have to be careful when going in we weren't sure if there would be other members inside.

I had parked the car about two blocks down the engine was turned off we sat waiting till about three- twenty five when another drunk Slick Bastards member came stumbling out with a trashy blonde not far behind.

That's when another male came out I looked at the picture that was attached to the police record that was sitting on my lap to compare.

"Bingo Kasey check it out meet our bar owner Tony Hobart" I said pointing to the guy who stood on the side of the curb lighting up a cigarette.

"Well by the looks of it Tony needs to hit the gym he looks like an old fart" she said in disgust

I couldn't help but let out a small laugh it was true he was an older guy age forty-seven obviously didn't work out and drank way too much. He had a beer belly that looked like a pregnant women at eight months ready to burst out of his pants.

He looked like the guy who always tried to chase after the younger skirts if you catch my drift he was definitely a pervert that was obvious. The drunk member took off with the blonde on the back of his motorcycle I would be surprised if they made it very far without crashing.

The bar owner finished his cigarette throwing it on the ground before he walked back inside closing the door, five minutes after the sign lights went out. We had to wait another fifteen minutes before the light went off in one of the bedrooms on the second floor.

Checking the surrounding to see that the street was empty "Alright lets get a move on were running out of time" I said.

Getting out of the car I placed the silver case that Kasey had gotten from Tito before we left and set it down on the front hood of the car. Courtney was calm waiting for what to do next while Lisa looked about ready to piss herself; she looked like she was on crack acting all nervous.

I went around to the back of the car and opened the trunk "Kasey come here help me get this and bring the case" I said quietly

Kasey walked around to the car coming to my and looked at me questionably but before she could say anything I put a finger to my lips to tell her to stay quiet. Then I open the case and handed her a pair of thick black gloves we put them on quietly.

"Courtney go check the back of the building see if there are any lights on and tell me if you see a camera" I said popping my head so she could see my face over the hood of the car.

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