(Sorry for switching POV so much! Hope you like it!)

When we got to the beach house there was another car there. I have no clue who it was. “Guys is that matiness?” Lindsey giggled and looked at Tom. Oh God that’s when I knew Lindsey had planned something with Tom. I looked at Nicole and she was star struck. I looked back out the window and I saw two boys getting there stuff out from the trunk. From behind they looked like they had nice hair. Nicole’s jaw dropped and she squealed.

Nicole’s POV*

“Is that…OMG it is!” I screamed, I didn’t mean to but how would you react if you saw two out of your five idols right outside your car?! “Tom that’s, that’s Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne!” He laughed at how excited I was. “Yes, the other boys are here too!” I blushed; I was one of the biggest One Direction fan girls ever! I get to meet them; I get to sleep in the same house, maybe even the same room if the night goes nicely. I am just kidding, well kinda.

Lindsey’s POV*

This is going great! The one I want to love one of the boy’s has no clue who they are. I can’t judge though, I didn’t know who they were until Nicole showed me. I wasn’t a crazy fan girl but their music was good, they were quite attractive. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket ‘Don’t flirt with them please. We need to help Ashlee get over that douche.’ I sent it to Nicole and you could hear her phone buzz she huffed and got out of the car. I got out too followed by Tom. I leaned closer into Tom’s ear “Do they know why they are here?” He shook his head, and then leaned in closer to me “All I said was there would be a few lovely girls joining us and two of them are single, but one of them really just needs friends right now or even a potential boyfriend so they should keep their heads up and eyes open.” I smiled, better than I thought he would say. “That’s good!” he laughed then went to see the boys.

Ashlee’s POV*

I was mad confused. Everybody got out of the car but me. I didn’t know if I wanted too so I acted like I was on the phone just to give me time to think. Why am I so socially awkward when it came to meeting new people? Everybody went inside, so I slinked out of the car and walked to the front door. I didn’t weather to knock or not so I slowly opened the front door. I could here talking and laughing coming from the upstairs. I walked up the stair cautiously and saw everybody in what seems to be like a second living room. “Oh boys, this is Ashlee!” Tom said grabbing my hand and pulling me into the group.

Niall’s POV*-about an hour or two later-

Tom told us the girls were lovely, he was definitely right. Apparently one of them just got out of a relationship, but I forgot her name. She was gorgeous but you could tell she was a bit unsure of herself, Harry was crushing on her already and it was obvious to me and the lads that he liked her. The other two Nicole and uh Lindsey I think were so funny, not to mention beautiful, confident, and so interesting to talk to. I could tell the other boys were thinking the same thing. I couldn’t help to want to find out more about her, but if Harry kept talking to her, he would soon have his way with her and she would be hooked on him and his curls. I just couldn’t believe he was flirting with a girl who just got out of a relationship, wait that’s why he is, she is probably so vulnerable. I wouldn’t want to flirt with her under those standers, we would confuse her. Harry can just have her, I mean the girls seem to like fancy him most the time anyway. I don’t think it would be good for me to have a relationship anyway, I’m not romantic enough plus, tour starts soon and I’m crazy excited for it! 

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