Ichibu 2: Incident...Wait...YOU WHAT!?!?

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“Hey.  Hey!  Twig!  You awake!” the teacher shouted at me as I sat there dozing off.  “HEY!”  I jolted awake and look forward attentively.

 “Sorry sir!”

 “You better be!  Now, as I was saying...”

             I was in some stupid Phys Ed class at the moment, all because my old school didn’t offer one.  And I’m telling you, it is a complete waste of my time.  I honestly didn’t need this.  I may be scrawny and looked down upon, but I’m pretty fit and a well-rounded person.  The only thought in my head was...

 ‘Get me out of here...’

             Now if only that came true.  At this point, I just wanted to book it out of here and go “home.”  Sit down, maybe draw?  I dunno.  Just get me out of here please.

 “So!  Today, we’ll be doing dodge-ball!  The teams will be girls against boys, to make it simple.”

 “But sir, we girls are short one!” a tall and thin girl said on my right.

 “Hmm...Good point.  Do you think you can pull it off being one short?”  The girls looked around a muttered amongst themselves.

 “I don’t think so...”

 “Then I’ll be on their team.  That would make it even.” everyone simply stared at me for that.  “If it makes it even and all, I’ll go on their team.”

 “You’re volunteering to go on their team?” some guy on my left asked before he laughed.  “Then good luck.  You now have the lower hand.  You’re going down, twig.”

 “Thanks blockhead!” I said smiling warmly.  The dude just scowled.

 “Okay then!  Get on your sides, and we’ll start!” the coach shouted.  I walked over to the girl’s team as I pulled my excess hair back out of the way.

 “Whoa....He looks so much like a girl like that...” a bunch of guys muttered on the other side.  But I didn’t care.  I did normally, and I look even more so with my hair in a soft of bun like this.  I don’t know why I do it, I just sortta do to make sure I don’t get blinded by my hair in something.

 “Hey.  Are you any good?” a petite girl asked me as we walked over to get set.

 “Relatively.  You guys ever win?” I asked looking over at her face.

 “No.  They’re always incredibly rough.  It kindda hurts.” she said rubbing her arm as if remembering the pain.

 “I’ll do what I can to break your streak if you like, ma’am.”

 “Ha ha ha!  Thanks!” she said happily, and the mood seemed to lighten for a moment.  Just for a moment.

 “Sides set....GO!”

             Racing towards the dividing line of the gym was when the pressure seemed to heighten.  Everyone ran accept me.  I simply walked forward and then waited.  The result; everyone stopped and looked at me if I was crazy as the guys ran off with all the balls.  I smiled and ran to the front as the first ball was launched.  I kicked it up into the air and caught it.  I planted my foot and launched the ball right back, and planting it right in his gut.  Everyone just froze.

 “What the hell...” a few of the guys muttered.  I grinned.  The ball rolled back to me and I stopped it with my foot and proceeded to bend over and pick it up.

 “Your guard is down!”


             I jumped back and then swung my arm and faked a throw.  The guys instantly tried to dodge, and as soon as they came up in confusion, another went down from a hit to the knee.  I smiled warmly and gave them a peace sign.  And just like that, the war began, and I was their main target.  I jumped to the side and watched the ball bounce and one of the girls scoop it up.  Several others did the same and I fell back as they launched their shots.  I slid across the floor and collected a ball before kneeling and hitting another guy in the shin.

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