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*Coryn's POV*

I sat at the kitchen table reading -- or rereading -- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire while absently nibbling on a blueberry muffin. The house was finally quiet after a long and busy day of the boys moving some of their stuff in and Ed packing for his pre-tour promos. Just in the few hours that they'd been there I'd already gotten a headache and the living room and den were destroyed. I had no clue how I was supposed to last an entire year.

Ed walked into the kitchen, tiredly rubbing his eyes. "Afternoon, love," he mumbled through a yawn. I ignored him, turning a page and continuing to read, "Are there anymore of those muffins?" I again stayed silent, deliberately chewing on my own muffin while he sighed heavily and sat down next to me. "It's been three days, Ryn. You can't stay mad at me forever."

Calmly slipping my bookmark in between the pages, I finished eating my muffin and walked away. I heard him sigh again as he followed behind me. I kept walking until I was directly outside of my dance studio.

"Coryn, look," he said firmly as he reached out and grabbed my shoulder. "I'm sorry, okay? I'm not sorry that the lads are moving in. I'm just sorry that you're too damn stubborn to realize that I'm doing this because I love you and don't want to lose you."

It was my turn to sigh heavily as I turned towards him slowly. "Just because it's what you want doesn't mean I have to like it," I mumbled softly.

He gave me a small smile and a tight hug before starting to walk towards his room. I hated how I could never stay mad at him.

"Hey, Ryn? I almost forgot, the boys are coming over for dinner at seven. Be on time, love!" he yelled right before he disappeared out of my view.

Ed smirked at me from his position perched on the counter. "Flour's...flour's a nice look on you, Ryn," he said sarcastically with one of his famous smiles.

I glared at him and threw a carrot in his direction, pouting a bit when it hit the counter beside him. "This isn't even close to being funny, jerk. When you said they were coming to dinner I didn't think you meant I had to cook for them," I grumbled as I aggressively mashed the potatoes in the pot.

I heard him snicker as he hopped off the counter and stood next to me. "What better way to welcome your new roommates than making them a homecooked meal, huh?"

I stuck my tongue out at him and slapped him with an oven mitt. "Get out of my kitchen, loser. Your sarcastic services aren't needed here."

He laughed loudly as he kissed my cheek and picked up the bowls of chips and dip, before walking into the living room and turning on a football game. I sighed heavily and continued mashing my potatoes, pausing a few times to check the chicken in the oven. Glancing at the clock, I groaned outwardly. There was still so much to do and the boys would be here in less than 30 minutes.

I seemed to be doing a lot of that lately, though. Sighing heavily and awkwardly groaning. It was pretty much my mantra. Anytime something went wrong? Groan. Anytime Ed forgot to put the toilet seat down? Sigh. There was no escaping it.

The doorbell rang just as I took the chicken out of the oven. "Ed! Get the door!" I yelled, slamming the oven door closed with my hip. The doorbell rang again and I grumbled something unintelligible. Placing the chicken in the middle of the table angrily, I stalked into the living room. "You have seriously got to be kidding me, Ed. I've spent most of the afternoon slaving over that hot stove and you can't even answer the door?" I yelled as I rounded the corner only to find the living room empty except for the bowl of chips. I furrowed my eyebrows and grumbled some more to myself as I walked over to the front door where someone was impatiently pressing on the doorbell.

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