Louis POV

2 years. It was to long. I pulled out the picture of them from my wallet. Just looking at thier faces made me feel guilty. I should've called. Why did'nt I? I still had their numbers in my phone. I decided to call Will first.

"this number has been disconnected." the voicemail lady said.

Of course it was disconnected. Knowing Will he probably dropped his phone in the toilet. I should call Katie. Wait would she even want to talk to me? i abandoned her and Will 2 years ago. The worst part: I never told her i loved her. I was to scared. I mean she was my best mates younger sister! How could I?   

"Lou?" I heard a familiar irish accent ring out.

"In here." i said then put the picture back in my wallet.

"its time for autograph signing with the fans." 

"ok i'll be out in a second."

 "alright. are you ok?" he said sounding worried.

"yea im fine." i said. he could tell I was lieing but he didnt say anything. i grabbed my beanie and headed outside. 

I sat down at the table and looked at all the screaming girls.

"OMG LOUIS! can you please sign this? and here i brought a carrott for you!"


but then i heard one familar voice. "Louis we need to talk." i looked up and i felt as if I could fly. there in front of me stood the most beautiful girl in the world and i recognized her instantly. Katie. 

"OMG KATIE!!!" i jumped up and hugged her but she didnt even touch me.

"louis we need to talk." she said again a little more sternly. there was obviously something wrong. 

"ok. can you meet me in the park across the street in half an hour?" 

"ya of course." then she walked away. but as she walked away a question popped into my mind. Wheres Will?

authors note

hey! hope everyone likes my story! there is much much more to come.

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