Texting and Pouts

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A minute later Jonah threw his phone at me roughly with a unhappy look on his face. I had been blanked out when he had thrown it to me and it hit me square in the face, “What the hell?!?” I asked angrily, rubbing the sore spot. He just gave his head a small nod meaning that I should read the message displayed:

‘Hey, sorry I can’t go right now. I had to give my brother a lift to school and then get some tutoring done before class. I’ll see what I can do after school if you need me, okay?  -AG’

I was glad that Alaska was still friends with Jonah after their split and didn’t text him like an elephant on a rage parade or that could’ve been much more awkward and scary.... Alaska can be very scary. I was also glad I didn’t have to explain everything again so soon to another person, the end of the day sounded best.

“She said she can see what she can do after school, that’s actually better. So why do you still have a crap face on?” I asked, half amused and half annoyed. Jonah just looked at me and finally said, “She didn’t want me to tutor her. I can try to tutor her in math. Why didn’t she ask me? I mean, we are still friends and all.” He sounded like a whiny little kid and I burst out laughing.

In between breaths, I huffed out, “Get over it…. Dude. She probably…. just didn’t want to bother you. Gosh, you’re like a little kid sometimes.” I ducked just in time to avoid the throw pillow he had launched at me.

“Shut up. Fine, I’m being childish, whatever. But this isn’t about me, we need to get your Abel problem fixed. Can you give me a ride by the way? I don’t want to take my car outta the garage.” He said this all kinda fast like one whole long winded sentence.

I stood out of the couch, ”Sure, fine. But we can’t talk about it during school,” I paused as he gave me a dirty look, “we at least need code words!” As we left his house he nodded, “Science, Johnny you are very easy to control. You know that?” I said nothing but chuckled at his use of the word “Science” in place of the word “God”, Jonah was an agnostic.

I started the car and began to drive the familiar route to school, Jonah turned to me in the passenger chair, “I think we should call it just ‘The Dilemma’. Short and sweet, and people wouldn’t really care or wonder what it is.” I didn’t really want to think about it anymore and I liked the sound of it. I just nodded and took a turn into the school parking lot.

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