This information was crucial. The plain printed writing became the most significant calligraphy in my entire life. I read it over and over while resting my back against the brick wall outside the bar since no one had come to find me. Louis was probably still ishock while Sadie was balling with the girls in a bathroom stall. My mind however was a complete blank along with a pair of sapphire eyes that stared back at me through the darkness of my eyelids. I couldn't understand why the instinct to run to Denver didn't immediately pass through my limbs. Instead I remembered her face every time I made her cry and it made approaching after all this time a million times harder. What would I be able to say that could possibly make up for my mistake? I looked up to the sky with a new respect for birds who seemed to always be able to fly away from their problems.

I didn't know what exactly to do. The words I wanted to say to her seemed so irrelevant now that she had this French croissant to keep her company. Every second that passed made my decission all the more evident, I would stick the letter back in the pile of mail and pretend like nothing ever happened. Once I carried out the act I headed in to find Daniel looking as cheeky as ever with a grin that could stifle that of the Joker. I really wanted to smack it right off, but then I would have to deal with post-breakdown Sadie's wrath. Instead I walked past him and began to search the place for the guys. Since they also seemed to be AWOL I realized I was left alone with Daniel.

"Whatcha got there peroxide baby?" Daniel asked as malicious as ever.

"Here, it's the mail." I thrusted the stack into his unexpecting hands causing the envelopes to scatter all over the floor. One hit my shoe and of course it is Keigan's postcard. I decided against picking it up and just slid it towards Daniel. I began walking away when all of sudden he grabbed my shoulder.

"What do you want, Dannyboy?" Annoyance was oozing out of every word.

"Did you read this?"

"Yeah, what of it?"

"Why aren't you packing up and leaving to go find her then? Isn't that the whole reason you came? To profess your undying affection or whatever and win her back?"

"I can't profess my undying love to someone I know won't accept it. I may want her back and I may want to be boyfriend, but that's something she's already got."

Daniel was silent for a moment before thrusting the postcard into my hands.

"Listen, Niall. You love her. And she needs to at least know that you do. The only reason she is mad at you is because she thinks she gave away her most prized possession to someone who didn't love her back. Since you do, I don't see why you can't just go there and at least try."

"How do you all of sudden realize that I love her?"

"Beacause you were willing to let her go for your own happiness and that's love. Just like Louis was willing to give up Sadie, and sadly she didn't want him to give her up so they're off somewhere."

"When did this happen?"

"Like thirty minutes ago."

"You don't seem to torn up about it."

"I knew she wasnt mine from the moment he walked through that door."

I looked at Daniel for a long moment. I took in his disheveled tone and his satisfied smile. I wonder what that's like to know deep down that someone you care about doesn't reciprocate those feelings. All the while their heart belongs to someone else. Now Daniel's initial dislike for us became very clear. Not only were we the guys that had broken his friends' hearts, but we brought along our mate that tore apart his relationship. The respect I suddenly had for him was undeniable.

"Are you gonna go or not?" he asked breaking my train of thought. The sentimentality of it all was beginning to become too... Not appreciated.

"If I go and she is wrapped around Surge La Fleur, then what am I gong to do?"

"He's French and you're Irish. Hit him," he replied nonchalant and I couldn't help but heave a laugh at his blunt remark.

"That's not how I am going to win over Keigan," I answered.

"Hey man, that's all I got. That or you could fly out, pull a Romeo on the balcony scene, and then if she refuses ou. Hey, well, you gave it a good ol' college try," Daniel responded while picking up a rag and wiping down the nearest table.

I couldn't completely follow what he said, but I knew I like the idea of seeing Keigan. Telling her my feelings for her was coming across to me as selfish however Daniel saw it as getting her back. I nodded my thanks to Daniel before heading back to pack my things. When I entered the living space I had no idea what I was doing. I began throwing everything in my suitcase. I had no idea what I was going to say but I had a whole plane to figure out how I proclaimed my love for her. Halfway through I heard the door open and shut followed my bellows and laughs. Sadie and Louis must've had a good talk. Then the lads saw me.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked looking wide eyed.

"Leaving," I answered quickly not realizing how bad it sounded outside my head.

"Niall we'll get Keigan back. I know it must be hard to see us getting back together and making up with them but Keigan will be back at some point. You can't give up," Liam preached.

"No, I know where she is and I am going to go tell her how much of an idiot I was and that I want her back," I exclaimed while zipping my suitcase shut.

"When did you find out?" Liam asked.

"While Louis and Sadie apparently were having there moment, I found the mail and so I decided to get the mail and there was Keigan's postcard with her address and everything," I replied and I the boys looked as shocked as I was when I first saw her name.

"Do you want us to come too?" Zayn asked as I was heading towards the door.

"Of course I want you there, but I need to do this by myself," I answered. They all nodded while Louis immediately pulled me into a hug. I climbed into the cab and ordered him to the airport. That's when I realized birds don't fly away from their problems, they adapt to them.

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