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She ran and ran. No one could stop her. She ran till her feet hurt. No one would ever find her.

She just couldnt do it anymore. The bullying, the family problems, the beatings. She had been gone for over two days- no where to be found, not that any one was really looking for her. Samfira's parents didn't give a damn about her, and she really had no friends in school. She had many enemies though, one being a cheerleader named Anna.

By the time the three week mark hit, people started to worry and look for her when she wasn't seen around school or home- everyone but her parents.

There was one place no one knew about really- one place that Samfira went to. Seems how Samfira didn't have friends to hang out with, she ran off to a very special place most of the time... a place in the forest.

Samfira had been here for a very long time, with little food and little water. She didn't expect to be gone for very long, so she didn't bring much of anything, including money.


Hearing a noise, the girl pounced into the bush, staing as still as possible.

Rustling in the bush, the noises continued.

Who was it? What was it?

Was it the police? Was it her parents?

Gosh how much Samfira missed her parents and her twin sister, Kate-lynne, even though they all hated her.

Thats when Samfira realized it wasnt her mother, her father, her sister, or even the police. It was infact a dog. A german shepherd puppy, that, she decided later to give it a name.

She called it Nebraska.

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