Him~ Evan <3

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You're my love.

I'm your kitten.

You kiss my nose

And I have bitten.

I blush at your hugs.

You blush at my smiles.

I love you so much.

No matter how many miles.

I look at the stars.

With you next to me.

Fall in your arms.

Til we both fall asleep.

I feel so safe.

So very protected.

Love hit me so hard.

Twas so unexpected.

Never thought

That it'd actually ever be you

Especially after one day...

No, wait. It was two!

My heart beats so fast.

My first love is you.

Butterflies in my tummy.

Yes, all this is true!

We're both victims

Of a horrible life.

But somehow I know

That you are my light.

Hug me real tight.

Don't ever let go.

Hug me with all your might.

You are my love, not a foe.

You are special to me.

And I know I love you

I wish upon a star,

That you love me too..............

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