Chapter 2

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Chapter 2;;

it Was... OMFG! Wtf...

ALISHA! what is she doing at my hubbys yard that SKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Well Done Babes'Alisha *Laughed*,Aaron Came up to her and kissed her on the cheek & put his arm around her waist ,i stood there still thinking about everything,why me?what have i done to deserve this?i felt my tear runing down my cheek,i took my clothes & i just ran,ran,ran,found a park put my clothes on,thought to myself 'this aint fukking over!' i was so angry & i called up tiia.

'yo,baby girl,got work to do'me

'hyaa,you sound angry what is it?'tiia

'im coming yours now,ite?i will tell you everything'me

'ite'tiia,cut her off before could say bye,this bitch Alisha is dead...My status on bbm'who fucking knoes where is Alisha Now,Ping me ASAP!!!!*angry face*

*10  mins later*reached tiias yard,knocked on the door,*PING!!!**PING!!!**PING!!!*,she took ages to open the door.

'so whats u-'tia before she could finish her sentences i cut her off,i went straight to her living room,sat down,i was so angry,I WANTED THEM DEAD!!!NOW!!!!.

'Lexia a you alright?'tiia,i could see she was scared of me,she came sat nex to me and hugged me,i couldnt take it anymore i started to cry.

'its going to be alright'tiia.

*15 mins later*i told her the story,boyy she got vexed,i was starting to get scared of her,man she was PISSEDDD NEVER SEEN HER LIKE THAT U NOEE,she went upstairs,she took something and came back.

'lexia ,lets go!'tiia,we went out i checked my phones 20 pings,WOIII!i checked,most of them people asking whats wrong and bla bla bla,like you give a crap,just bum sucking me,but when i need people they never there,kmt,

-#itssYourGirlKelly<3-'yoo,shes at pymes park with Aaron,sorry Lexia,shes a dikkead,you need to teach her,kmt' . did she just baited her friend out??

'where is she?'*shouted*tiia,i told her where she was,she started to run,so i started aswell,thought to myself'ahhh man why run,kmt'

*15 mins later*@ the park,Alisha&Kelly&Aaron saw and started laughing,Alisha Came Up close to us.

'so,what you going to do bigg girl?*laughing*Alisha,tia took a knife out and shanked her,she fell on the floor her blood was everywhere kelly run to her and took her phone out ,i just stood there wiiv my eyes popped out.

'come'she took my hand tiia,she started running,i ran wiiv her.

'oi,you skets are done'Aaron,he started running behind us,i knew if he catch us we are DONE!!,i couldnt feel my legs but i couldnt stop running...i couldnt see him anymore,we stoped.

'what just happened?'me,tiia put her head down didnt aswer me...Bizz Bizz...Phones ringing,unknown number.Picked Up.


'Whos This?'me

'Taylor,remember me from next?'Taylor

'ohh ite,babes,can yu come pick me up from eddy?'me

'ohh,ite b,gonna be there in 5 mins'Taylor,cut off.

'Taylor is coming to pick us up'me

'ite,b & you knoe im sorry what i done,it was an-'tiia

'dw,b we going to be alright'me,i came up to her and hugged her.Bizz Bizz,argh why is Taylor calling me 5 min aint past yet.

'ite where a you taylor?'me


'who is this?'me,getting me vexed,kmt idiiiat!!!

'IM COMING AFTER YOU,OI LISTEN YOU & HER ARE DEAD & TODAY IS YOUR DAY TO DIE,THIS IS NOT OVER YOU SKETS!'stranger,i saw 2 cars coming Woi it was FASSST boyy!they stopped near the shop,4 guys came out with hoodies on & they caught us,i tryed to fight,but they were too strong,than a guy gave me a box in the face.

*2 hours later*

i woke up,argh got this banging headache & my noise hurts,i was tied on the chair & saw tiia tied on the chair but she was unconscious,it was so dark'i started to scream

'HELPPPP!me,i heard footsteps coming this way,6 Mandem came 3 of them with masks...

OMG,its Himmm!!!!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOO!

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