the first day

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"Now kristia the dragon groomer will be here around 11am please lead them back here, You will need to feed febe around 5pm and i should be back around 9pm. please feel free to explore, but ive got to get going." Mark said giving me a wink. "Will do, have a great day." i said looking back at him with a smile.

When he was gone i went into the house...well should i say mansion! I walked into the living room and say a huge stearo system. "Well lets listin to some music." I said to myself. Going over to the system and putting on sexting by Blood on the dance floor. Dancing around the room like a moron. I just barly heard the knock on the door..Going over to the huge front doors i opened it. "Hello?" I asked the elder infront of me. "Hello im caraline. The dragon groomer." She said sweetly. "Oh yes please fallow me." I said opening the door further for her.

Walking her to the courtyard to were febe was. "Now are you going to be okay alone with febe?" I asked caraline. "Yes me and febe have weekly vistes, I bathe and repaint her claws cleans the bow and puts a new one on." Caraline said looling over at the dragon. "Madum what may your name be?" Asked caraline. "Oh i forgot. My names kristia and im marks new pet sitter for febe." I said looking at her. "Oh misstris im sorry." When she got down on her knees and bowed i kinda got freaked oyt a little. "Caraline may i ask what you are doing?" I said looking a little worried i think this chixks on drugs? i thought to myself. "Master will not be happy with me for misstreating his princess." Caraline i said looking back up at me. Yep soo on drugs. "Exuse me?" I asked looking a little shocked.

"Master hasnt told you madum?" Caraline asked with fear in her eyes. "Umm evadently not." I sayed looking down at her face that was now twisted with fear. "Oh no masters going to punish me for telling you." She said with tears in her eyes. "Caraline please tell me what you mean?" I pleaded the elder women on the ground at my feet. "Madum i may tell you no more if master hasnt told you." She said and with that she stood up and said no more to me until she left.

By the time mark got home i had soo many questions to ask him.

"Kristia i would like to ask you something." He said looking over at her from across the table where she sat only a few inches away from him. "And so would i." She said looking up from her plate. "Well you may go first." He said. She looked him in the eye and said "Ok whats up with caraline going down on het hands and trying to kiss my feet calling you her master and me her mistriss, and her saying her saying i wad your princess???? And when she asked if you told me anything yet and i said no she was scared shitless like you were gunna rip her throat out!" I no more the shouted at him. His eyes turned a deadly black he stood up, making the chair he was sitting on fall backwards. I cowered in my chair like the pussy i was, knowing he can kill me if he wanted to.

"Krisria you will nevet again speak to me like that again. and as for caraline i will talk to her later vit you my dear will never leave!" He all but bellowed at her coming around to her side grabbing her by the hair and dragging her up the staira to a room. Screaming and kicking I tried to get free but his grip was to tight to loosen up when her through me in the room the tears were already flowing down my face "You fucking bastered!" u screamed. His hand slapped me hard acrossed my face making a yelp escape my lips making more tears flow harder. "You will learn to treat me with respect young lady." and with that he walked out amd closed and locked the door behind him.

The one word echoing in myind over and over again was,

"You will never leave!"


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