Your P.O.V

I went to go find my black pumps and I put them on, but they didn't match with my outfit. I found my black strapless dress that stopped a bit above the knee. It was sure to make Jaden drool over me and that's just what I wanted. He was so going to want more than ever, but I actually wondered what him and my dad talked about. I guess it was just guy stuff, what if he asked him if he can have sex with me? I doubt it, but it must've been top secret if I had to leave.

Jaden's P.O.V

I waited for (YN) to come out of the room, but she was taking too long. Moises sat adjacent to me.

He asked,'' Jaden, are you gonna marry her?''

My eyes just grew wider and I asked,'' How did you know?''

He said,'' The look you have in your eyes when you see her. Its like the,'' Damn, I wanna marry you'' look. Jaden, I'm just going to you that if you think it's right then do it''

I said,'' I think it's right, Moises.''

He said,'' Okay''

(YN) came out in her strapless dress above the knee in black pumps. She looked drop dead gorgeous. I loved her more than anything. I came over to her and wrapped my hand around her waist.

I said,'' Babe, you have to be with me at all times or the guys will try and steal you''

She giggled and said,'' Okay babe, but lets go then''

I held her hand and we went to the club.

We walked in and the music was loud and crazy, but I grabbed her close and put her on my waist.

She rocked her hips to the beat of the music and I grinded back on her then she body rolled. Damn, she looked so hot and just so sexy. I wanted her so bad. She turned around facing me then wrapped her thighs around my hips and I took her over to the couch. She started to make out with me aggressively then her tongue asked for entrance. I let her and she fought my tongue then I glided my hands up to her butt and squeezed it then she lightly moaned.

She got up from making out with me and asked me to sit, I sat my legs open then she started to give me a lap dance to the song Grind On Me. She was being so sexy and tempting. She has that figure and everything.

She put her boobs in my face then teased me by moving them away, I couldn't touch her or anything. She was such a tease. 

I made her sit down on the couch and I started to grind in her face then she grabbed my hips trying to pull me closer. I put my face closer to hers like I was going to kiss her then I pulled away. We both looked at each other seductively and decided to go back to the hotel. 

Your P.O.V

I wanted Jaden and he wanted me, so we decided to go back to the hotel. We were eating each others faces off then we went into his room. He decided to put on, Take You Down.

He asked,'' (YN) are you sure"

I nodded my head while biting my lip. He bought me closer to his body. He started to lightly caress my body and then he lightly kissed my collarbone while having his face deep into my neck. He was being passionate and slow taking his time. It was our first time together and I'd remember it because of how passionate,sweet and tender he was being. 

Moises's P.O.V

I could hear the song Take You Down playing. I realized it was from Jaden's room. Him and (YN) were getting it on. I could hear the moans of them and it was nasty. I tried blocking them out, but they were too loud. I realized, (YN) can get pregnant unless Jaden used a condom. I don't know and I'm not asking. It'd be awkward, but Jaden must really love (YN). I can tell in his eyes and smile, he talks about her like a Spongebob needs Patrick. He just never shut-ups about her and she really is sweet and gorgeous. I just hope the best for them.

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