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*Chapter 8*

*Ni's POV*

When Zayn and I went home we got to business. Zayn slammed me to the wall. I was a quite frightened by this sudden action but I caught on when he started kissing me roughly. I kissed him just as hard back. Then we were broke apart by someone coughing awkwardly. We turn to see Louis and Harry that had completely shock faces.

"Hi lads" Harry broke the silence

"Hi Hazza!" I shout and wrap my arms tightly around him.

"Let me breath!!"

"oh, sorry"

"it's ok"

Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder.

"we'll continue this later" zayn whispered in my ear. I giggled and nodded my head. Zayn released me and went upstairs

"I'll be upstairs reading if you need me"

"k Babe"

He heads upstairs. I hang out with Lou and Harry for a bit mostly talking about The recent Olympics. After about an Hour talking about Tom Daley, Harry asked Lou if he wanted to go to a party. Lou being unable to say no to Harry agreed and followed Harry out the door. Those two do everything together. I roll my eyes at the pair and head upstairs. Hopefully Zayn is still awake. I can hear him.... moaning? I put my ear to the door.

"Mmmm, Niall"


I open the door full speed and he was on his Laptop.

"Were you watching Porn?" I asked him


"let me see your laptop!"


I attack zayn by Jumping on top of him.

"Give me the Laptop!!!"


We were wrestling and practically playing tug-o-war with the laptop until I finally got it out his grasp. I sprint off of him and out the room. I run to my room and lock the door quickly behind me. I open the Laptop while Zayn was pounding on the door.



I find out Zayn wasn't watching Porn but more like reading it. I Look at the title of the story "Locking Lips (Ziall)" sounds interesting. I read the beginning or the chapter Zayn was on. It was a bit Hot and Heavy. Who am I kidding it was extremely hot and heavy!! It was mostly about stroking and moaning and lot of Cock. I was a turned on! I start moaning at the contents. It was exciting! I open the door. Zayn was sitting on the floor looking annoyed with me. But I didnt care.

"Stand up" I say

"what?" he responded

"stand up Zayn"

He nodded and stood up. I pin him to the wall and start kissing his neck. Soft moans leaving his perfect lips. About a minute later I guess I found his soft spot. I could tell cuz he was moaning louder. I nibble on it and suck on it making sure it leaves a mark as a note to myself. Zayn pushed me into my room. He pushed me onto the bed and started taking control. He kissed me Neck and left love bites as well. I moaned his name softly. I could feel me pants tighten as well Zayn's. He took off my shirt. As so did i to him....

*Zayn's POV*

I took off Niall's shirt. Then he took off mine. I started kissing him lower and lower. I traveled to his neck to the hem of his pants. I look up at him as if to ask for permission. He nodded I slowly took off his trousers. I kissed his thigh and bit down not to hard though. He squirmed a bit that turned me on even more. I traveled up his thigh. Stopping right before I could reach his length. I took off my trousers too so he wouldn't feel so vulnerable. I look up at him one more time and he nodded again. I pull off his boxers and.....

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