Chapter 5

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I raised my head from C.C.’s chest, and I looked up at his face and his amber eyes were as wide as dinner plates. My breaths were short and rapid, I could feel the fear set in, and my heart was beating rapidly; I was in total panic. Comets soared above our heads and crashed into buildings surrounding the sanctuary, people were screaming in terror, and armies of angels were pouring out from the sky. They were dressed in black and white uniforms of soldiers, some held bows and arrows or gleaming swords or some had an array of daggers and knives.

            “Get to the forest!” C.C. barked, “Find somewhere safe and we all can meet up there!” The black smoke was thick and it started to coat my lungs with every rapid breath I took, and yanked myself away from C.C.’s arms and looked around to see if anybody was hurt; but the fire and smoke was impenetrable.

            I launched my wings out from their folded position on my back and a loud crack exploded through the air, and I looked above me. The half of the roof that was still standing was sinking in on its self, the support beams had very distinct cracks in them and they were getting larger and larger with every loud crack.

            But, shooting out from the building was a large flash of black, its wings were beating at nearly super-sonic speed, and it seemed to holding somebody. Andy soared all the way up to the red clouds and none of the angles seemed to notice him.

            Then another loud crack exploded through the smoke filled air, but suddenly I saw C.C. stumbling through the thick smoke towards me. He blended in well with the smoke and it was a miracle that I saw him; he was coughing violently, and was hobbled over. Snap! One of the support beams came crashing down; it was covered in white hot flames, and falling right above C.C. He looked to be unaware of the beam crashing down above him, so I sprang into action.

            I sprinted towards him through the blinding smoke and I collided with him, his eyes were filled with surprise and confusion as we both flew back a good ten feet. C.C. let out an ooof kind of sound when I knocked into him. We slid across the ash covered floor, and the huge support crashed onto the burnt floor. Fire engulfed pieces exploded from the beam and flew past our heads and lodged themselves into the burning walls around us.

            Loud, blood curdling screams erupted from the outside; they were painful to hear. My lungs were being coated by the smoke and it was getting harder and more painful to breathe as the seconds went by, my coughs were getting more painful, and I was becoming dizzy.

            “C.C.,” I coughed violently between my words, “get up! We need to get out before I choke to death.” My heart ached from the over working it was doing, so I clutched my chest. Seconds ticked by without a response from C.C., and I could barely see him through the thick smoke. He was still lying on his back, he was coughing violently, and his eyes were wide open; thank god he was ok.

            I glanced up, and three flashes of black were soaring high above the angels.

            Bang! Bang! Bang! Loud something was pounding on the wooden door that was somehow still standing, “There in here!” A deep man’s voice yelled.

            My eyes widened, and I jumped up from the charred ground. C.C. sat on the ground violently coughing, but when he would try to get up he would fall back down because of his coughing. “Come on C.C.,” I urged, “they’re coming!” Then I heard a sickening crack, I grabbed C.C. by the arm and hoisted him up.

            “There they are!” The same man yelled, and then hundreds of gleaming, white arrows zoomed past our faces. Crack! A support beam fell from the collapsing roof, the angels looked up at the beam that was crashing down upon them, and one of the men screamed “Move!” But they were too late, the flaming beam crashed down onto the men; it crushed every single one of them. Blood seeped out from under the flaming beam, and it slowly crept its way towards C.C. and I.

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