The Killer

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This is my first book since I deleted my others so I hope you like this one!

At first nothing really happens but it picks up.


Emma's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock set at 6:00 cause I had to get ready to go to the trip with my friends.I got ready and packed up went downstairs and ate dinner then I drove to my friends house who was gonna drive us all.Once we all got there we stuffed into the camper and we headed to the mountains.We decided to do something more special since it was the first day after highschool was over.It took an hour and a half to get to the mountains and drive to the place that we were gonna set up are camp.We heard that the place we rented was remote and everyone that rented it either left in the first few days or never left at all,but we were'nt gonna let that little rumour scare us.We're gonna be here for 2 or 3 weeks, so we'll have a lot to do.So we set up everything and went to look around for stuff to do tomorrow.Once it got dark we all headed back to camp to eat dinner and go to sleep.It was like 12:00 before I actually went to sleep so i didn't wake up till 11.Everyone was already up and eating breakfast.I got ready and brushed my hair and met up with them.We were talking about what we were gonna do for the day and then Mica said that she had read a board that said there were gonna be fireworks at nine o'clock so we decided that we are gonna watch that.Me and Mica split up with the others to go to the pool, since we rented the whole side of this mountain we had everything to ourselves.But then once we got there we saw that the pool hasn't been cleaned in a while so we just went to the other side of the mountain through the woods. Before we started to head through the woods we heard Jack calling for us to wait."Mind if I go swimming with you guys." He said "Sure no problem we're just gonna go to the other pool since the other one is very dirty."There was a rustle on the side of the trail but I just said it was probably a squirrel."So where did everyone else go?"I asked"oh, Michael and Michelle went hiking, Mitch, Maria, and Bob went fishing, and Alex (a boy) and Alyssa stayed at camp to rest and watch over everything.We walked a little ways longer and finally got to the pool where we swam for maybe 2 or 3 hours and did a few more hour worth of stuff before we headed back.Once we got there we noticed Alex and Alyssa were'nt there."Maybe they went with one of the others." Jack said."Maybe."We looked around and then we saw everyone else coming but alyssa and alex."Hey guys watcha doing?"Michael said"We can't find alex or alyssa did they come with you?"I asked"No." he said."Well we need the find them."We split up in group of 2 and searched for an hour until we heard someone scream.It was a very close scream and i just ran toward it and then I stoped to what I saw and once everyone else got there there was a lot of screaming.

Alex's P.O.V

So we all decided we were just gonna go do whatever we wanted but me and Ally (thats what I call Allyssa) decided we would stay and keep watch we stayed and played some games I somehow in all this went to sleep but then I woke up to Ally who said I have been sleeping for 2 hours.She had made a sandwich for me before she woke me up.After we ate we went outside to get some sun before the others would come back.We only laid down for maybe 5 minutes before we heard the leaves on the trail some of then went on rustle."Guys?"Ally said.There was no answer but the leaves sounded closer."guys! Is that you?!?"She said again.Still no answer.Then we saw someone Ally couldn't see him before I could I only had enogh time to say run before he charged at us"RUN ALLY RUN!"She took off but I saw that she hid to watch to see if I was gonna be ok.I grabed the folf club the only thing I could defend myself with and swung at him.He dodge it like it was nothing.He had a knife and then all a sudden ran do Ally."RUN! RUN AND DON'T LOOK BACK I'LL FIND YOU!"She didn't object and ran as fast as she could.I went inside to find a knife and went into the woods following the rustle of leaves.All a sudden there was quiet I was scared to death he got her and then that one fear was true.I heard her scream my name. I ran and ran but it was to late when I got there he had slit her throat, but she was still alive I ran up on him and he turned around almsot like he knew I was there the whole time.I swung at him a couple time pretty sure I at least hit him twice but he didn't seem to notice.I swung and and he hit the knife out of my hand.I backed up and tripped over a limb. he ran up to me and slit my throat as well.The next thing I remember was seeing Ally in a tree and the guy coming toward me.Then I started to feel the pain on my throat and arm and everywhere just so much pain. then it was all blank.

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