Chapter 19

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2 weeks fly by fast as tiffany is in her room watching a movie when she gets a text from rachel.

Rachel : did you check yet?

Tiffany : you've been bugging me for 2 weeks

Rachel : because I wanna know if you're pregnant or not

I've been sick for a long time which is really making me scared, I can't be a mom this young.

Tiffany grabs the bag from under her pillow as she takes the test out of the bag.

Tiffany : okay, come on over, I'll check

10 minutes later rachel pulls up with jessica as they both rush inside her door and closes and locks it behind them. "Did you do it yet?" Jessica asks.

"No, I was waiting for yall" she says as she stands. "Good, let's go" rachel opens the door and they walk down the hall to the bathroom and walks in and closes and locks the door.

"We'll just turn around" jessica says as they face the window. Tiffany pulls her shorts and panties down as she pees on the stick then wipes and pulls her stuff back up. "It says wait 10 minutes" tiffany says as she sits on the bathtub. Jessica and Rachel sits and waits also.

"What if it comes out positive?" Tiffany thinks to herself. "What would my mom think?" She thinks. "What would my brother and Matt think about this?"

10 minutes later rachel phone timer goes off as she shuts it off. "Well, it's time" Jessica says as she jumps up and down and tiffany gives her a look. "Sorry, I'm just so excited" Jessica laughs as she sits back down.

"I'm scared" tiffany says as she takes deep breaths "someone else check" rachel picks it up then stares at it for a few seconds. "It's positive!" Rachel jumps and tiffany mouth drops.

"No, that can't be right" tiffany stands "I wanna get it checked out by a doctor, pregnancy tests are always fucked up" "okay but it won't make a difference" Jessica says.

Rachel throws the pregnancy test in the garbage then stuffs it down in the garbage then they walk out and back to tiffany's room. Tiffany gets dressed and grabs her phone then they walk downstairs where matt and anthony are playing video games.

"Where yall going?" Asks anthony without breaking contact from the tv. "To the movies" "out to eat" jessica & rachel both says as anthony and Matt turns to them. "Out to eat and then to the movies after" tiffany says as she rushes them out the door and they get inside jessica car and drives off.


"You're 5 weeks pregnant" the doctor says as Rachel smiles. "Yes!" Jessica jumps up and down. "Oh my god" tiffany says as she covers her face.

5 weeks? How the fuck did I not know I was 5 weeks pregnant?

"Tiffany, it's gonna be okay" rachel hugs her as tears starts to roll down tiffany face. "Why are you crying?" Jessica asks. "I don't know, I don't know if I'm happy or sad" jessica grabs her as she wipes her tears.

"This is a good thing, a baby is a blessing" rachel says. "Yeah, I know, I'm sorry" tiffany wipes her face as she stands. "Come on, let's go" they get ready as they leave.


The girls arrive home around 5:30pm as they walk inside and matt, anthony and jeff are sitting in the living room talking. "Hey baby" Matt stands and walks over to tiffany kissing her. "Hey" she starts to walk upstairs when he grabs her hand.

"you gonna come back down to hang with us?" He asks with a smile. "I don't know, I was just gonna watch some TV" rachel and Jessica walks over to anthony and Jeff and sits as they start to talk. "Oh come on, or I'll just join you upstairs"

"No, stay down here and have fun, I just need to rest for a few" she kisses him. "Okay" she walks off upstairs to her room closing and locking the door behind her then walks over to her bed and lays down on her back.

I don't know how or when to tell Matt that I'm pregnant but I only have two weeks left over here so I have to tell him soon.

2 hours later there's a knock on her door as tiffany stands and unlocks the door and Jessica is standing there. "Come downstairs with us" she frowns. "I just wanna rest" tiffany starts to walk back over to her bed.

"Come on, please!" She whines as she sticks her bottom lip out and tiffany laughs. "Okay, let me change first" jessica smiles and walks out closing the door behind her as tiffany walks over to her dresser.

She picks out some black shorts and a black shirt as she throws the outfit on her bed then takes off her clothes as matt walks in.

"You can't knock?" Tiffany rolls her eyes as matt closes and locks the door behind him. "I don't have to knock" he smirks as he walks over to her kissing on her neck.

"Stop" she pushes him away then grabs her shirt and puts it on. "What's wrong with you? You've been acting weird" he moves back as she pulls her shorts on then puts her hair into a ponytail.

"Nothing I'm just not in the mood" she grabs her phone and walks towards the door as he grabs around her waist.

"Is it because you have to leave in 2 weeks? I told you, you could stay here with me and anthony"

"no its not because of that, I'm just not in the mood" she pulls away as she walks out the door and downstairs into the living room followed by Matt and they sit down.

"finally you joined us" jeff says as he opens a beer and drinks it. "here" anthony grabs a beer and tries to hand it to tiffany.

"I'm good"

"alright" anthony puts the beer back down as they all start to talk. Tiffany stands and walks over to the fridge and pulls out a water bottle then walks back over and sits down.

"what movie did yall go see earlier?" Anthony asks. "um, a scary movie" jessica replies. "what scary movie?" Jeff replies. "none of your business" jessica rolls her eyes and picks up her drink. Tiffany looks over to matt who is on his phone texting someone and ignoring them.

2 hours later everyone leaves and goes home as tiffany walks back upstairs to her room and closes the door behind her as she lays down and goes to sleep.

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