An earsplitting howl of pain filled the Malfoy Manner. Draco,Who was sitting in his room, Flinched every time one of Hermiones wails of agony hit his ear. He was two stories away from where Hermione was being held, but he could hear her screams as if she was sitting right next to him.Greyback was in her cell, Doing who knows what to her. Draco shuddered at the thought.His aunt bellatrix told Greyback That he could do whatever he wanted to her. He shudderd again as hermione shouted.

"Ple-he-he-se." Her voice was hysterical. "Sto-o-op It Hu-u-urts." Another cry of pain echoed her. Draco covered his ears. trying to block out Hermione but it was no use. What was he doing to her? Biting her? Cursing her? . . .worse?

A cackle from his aunt entered his room as his door opened.

"Evening Draco." She said in a bored tone. "Isnt that just music to your ears?"she was talking about hermione. "A filthy mudbloods screams of pain." She cackled again. "Theres no better sound in the world dont you agree, Draco?" Draco nodded absentmindedly.

"Whats he doing to her?" He asked, almost not wanting to hear the answer.

"Who cares?" His aunt replyed before another hideous scream filled the manner. "By the way," His aunt told him. "your father wants you to bring food to her, after all even filthy scum like her must eat." And with that she left. Cackling all the way down the hall. Draco sighed and slumped back in his bed.

He had to bring food to her? He didnt want to, Not because he was lazy. It was because he didnt want to see her like that, Dracos seen people hurt like that before but with her it was something completely different. It was like. . . well it was something he couldn't explain. It pulled at his heart to hear her screams.

Draco waited until  Hermiones screams were over before he reluctantly got up and walked down to the kitchen. His father and greyback were talking and laughing.

" . . .And she was screaming the entire time, Oh, hello Draco." Greyback murmered as Draco entered the  enormous Kitchen. Two house elves were busily making dinner, a scared look in their eye. If they messed up on dinner it would be their end.

"Hello." Draco muttered not looking into the werewolves eyes. A house elf  handed him a bowl of cold soup. It looked disgusting.

"Feed that to the mudbloood. We cant have her keeling over. . .yet." His father and greyback laughed at his sick joke. Draco just nodded and made his way down to the dungeon.


Harry ducked as Ron chucked another  book at his head.

"Ron stop!" Harry shouted.

"No!" Ron growled in reply. " Not until we get hermione back!"

"Ron please listen to me!" Harry begged. Ron stopped chucking things at him but still had a book in his hand.

"Go ahead then." Ron snarled. What was harry suppose to say? How could he explain to ron that He was sorry about hermione?

"Its all your fault." Ron murmured quietly when Harry didn't talk.

"My fault? how is it my fault?!" Harry demanded. If anything it was Hermiones fault. Shes the one who got hit!  . .  . How could he say that. Hermione was one of his best friends. It wasn't her fault at all.

"Because!" Ron shouted. " Everything always has to be about you!  You, You ,you! It's never about hermione, or me. No one ever talks about how we helped you saved the world multipl times they just talk about how the chosen one beat death again! Well I'm sick of it!  I wish that you'd never been born! Then Hermione would be safe! And she wouldn't have been captured. Do you have any Idea what their doing to her? Do you? No you dint! And neither do I and its killing me! I hate you! I'd wish that you would just die!"  Ron ranted, before falling to his knees and sobbing quietly into his hands.

It had been his fault. It was all his fault. All of these deaths and tragedy's.It was his fault with Cedric, It was his fault with Sirius, it had been his fault with dumbledore,, He could have saved them all.and now Hermione could be dead, All because of him. His best friend, in the mercy of the malfoys, She was dead for sure

Harry walked over to his cot and laid down, and went into an uncomfortable restless sleep. The graveyard nightmare haunting his dreams, but instead of cedrick it was hermione, and instead of voldemort it was malfoy.


Draco walked up to the bars nd used his keys to unlock the door. Hermione liad in a curled ball on the cold floor in the back of the dungeon. She was asleep. Draco set the cold soup down and made his way over to Hermione.

Draco gasped as he saw her. Her clothes were torn in many places and she was covered in bruises and cuts. He noticed three long claw marks going  from the back of Her neck to her shirt. They were red and still bleeding slightly

He knelt down to Hermione and ran His fingers lightly over the claw marks. Hermione reacted intently bringing her foot out, catching Draco off guard, and sending him flying. He got up rubbing his now sore stomach. A foot print now on his shirt.

When Draco looked back Hermione was huddled in the corner with her knees in her stomach. Her eyes were red. She flinched and buried her head in her knees, As he go up. Draco took pity on her. She was a shell of her former self. He remembered how she was at hogwarts. Bold,Brave,adventures, Now she was scared at the slightest movement on his body.

"Granger are you okay?" He asked walking up to her.

"G-go away." She squeaked. Draco sighed and walked back to the cell door.

"I'm sorry,Hermione, about everything." He said Before he locked the door behind him. He could hear sobbing from her as he left.

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