Chapter Thirty-One: With you everything is different.

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Chapter Thirty-One: With you everything is different.

Wednesday evening.

GEORGE didn't know what to expect. At the café, he thought maybe they'd go to the diner downtown or a restaurant for dinner but now he began to realise that this isn't just a little date.

Lydia had something up her sleeve and he was dying to figure out what it was. Though he was going to wait.

Standing in front of his suitcase, George shook his head, "what the hell am I going to pack?"

Picking up his phone, he decided to push packing to the side and call coach. "Scott?" He heard coach ask, picking up the phone straight away.

"Hey coach, I'm not going to be at training for the next few days."

Lydia burst into their bedroom giggling with her arms waving around her so she could feel if she was about to walk into something.

While trying to pack, she may have had a contest with herself to see how much hats she could wear. Though now she couldn't see and wasn't risking the putting in the thirteenth one.

"George! Guess how much hats I can fit in my head," Lydia grinned, she couldn't see him but knew he was in here.

Though with the other voice in the room made her frown, he wasn't alone. "Have fun, George but I expect you to be at the match next week. We need you boy," Lydia heard a gruff voice say before a hand grabbed her waist.

Relaxing into George's touch, Lydia smiled," he seems nice."

George's nodded even though he knew that Lydia couldn't see him. Shaking his head, he started to take the hats off her head. Until all twelve were on the floor.

"You always seem to amaze me, Lydia," he smiled, leaning towards her till his lips captured hers.


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Lydia is too cute :)


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