Chapter One: The Blood Lust

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I'll kill him, I swear on the Moon Goddess Cynthia herself, Arya cursed though clenched teeth and shaking hands.

Relax young one, I know you're angry but you must understand that as long as King Julio does not know of your existence you will be safe from him. Once he knows of your being he will surly kill you in hopes of keeping his secret safe.

Well I hope you don't expect me to just sit here and do nothing while the man who killed my mother sits on the thrown. He does not deserve that spot, he's a murderous bastard, screamed Arya.

I see you have your mothers fighting spirt. If you are going to dethrone king Julio then you're going to need help. She hands Arya a gold pendant with a ruby at it's heart. When you need help most squeeze this pendant and help will soon be there.

Thank you for all your help Arya speaks honestly taking the pendant and putting it safely around her neck, while tucking it under her light green tunic.

Arya turns to leave, now knowing that her soul purpose in life is to kill King Julio and avenge her mother. Arya felt as if her life had been a lie, how could one person be so wrong about who they come from and what really happened. To her none of that mattered any more it was time to kill the


Arya where have you been I was so worried about you. Why do you look like you've seen a ghost. It was in that second that she knew, what had come to pass. Arya had the look pure hated in her eyes.

You knew this whole time and didn't tell me. How dare you call yourself hey friend! You knew this whole dame time, and never told me. Why why didn't you tell me. With that last question Arya broke down, she let her pain spill over and tears cascaded down her face.

Kathy stepped forward with her heart on her sleeve,and boldly taking Arya in her arms. Arya it's out of fear that I didn't tell you. I couldn't bear the thought of you dead and buried. I was helpless to save your mother when the kings men took her from me the night you where born. She asked me to watch over you and raise you to be strong. Shhhh child don't cry it will all be over soon.

How, what do you mean by that arts sputtered between ragged gasps. With a content smile she helped Arya to her feet and said, if your anything looker your mother, which I know you are your going to kill him and right the wrong. Now is that not what you planned to do Arya.

Of course I planned on killing him, hes a murdaurs bastarerd. Now I just need to to think of plan to kill him and get away free. Relax young one..... No dont tell me to relax youn kept this hidden from me for so long. YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY CONTROL OF MY LIFE!!! Arya screamed at the top of her lung, venom dripping with every word she spoke.

Arya i can see that your determined to kill teh king, and i would be a fool to try and stand in your way.

your dame right you would be Arya rudly interjected.

Hush now and let me speak, i know your angry because i didnt tell you the truth of your mothers death, but you need to learn to watch your tounge when speaking to teh womyn who raised you as if you where her own, she said with steel in her voice, cutting through Aryas anger as if it where nothing more soild than butter left in the sun for to long.

With Aryas anger now ebbing away like the flow of water in the great rivers of the world, okay Kathy speak what it is you must speak, and let me be on my way but i worn you i will not stand here and have you tell me to rethink my soon to be actions against the foul king who rules this land.

I have no intentions of trying to stop you, I plan on helping you kill the king in any way possible. you forget that the womyn he killed 15 years ago was my life long bestfriend.

Wow Arya stammered thanks so much, but how do we do it. the king is parinoid, and only lets his closest advisors near him.

I know of some one who can help come with me, it should be safer to move now that its night time. but move quickly Arya we have much to do before we can meet with the man who is to help us.


Kathy leads Arya through the Village as teh thick clouds roll through the sky, covering any light the moon was once providing. looking up into the sky Kathy smiles a synical smile knowing that the worst is only to come and her thoughts wonder to the past when her and Amy once planned to kill the king with the help of a few followers.

(Amy's Flash Back)

Kathy come on you know better than any one that we cant afford to dally in the alley way for to long. Yes i know your right, we better get going said Kathy looking foward in Amy and her intended direction. We mustent be late to the council meeting, we have much to plan if we are intending to proceded with the plan on time.

Kathy takes Amys arm and they walk into the shadows and around the corner. they came to a stop in front of a small village house, with a thatch roof and small wooden door. teh house holding the looks of the amount of poverity that has devistated the people of Summer Rise Village, due to the kings high taxes. Amy raises her delicate hand and knocks on the door, three rapid knocks and a small thud to the doors upper left corner that followed. they wait for what could have been forever in the shadows cast by the small house and dark clouds. just tehn the door swings open and both womyn step into the house.

Are you ready to start the meeting now...

It was then that Arya shook Kathy by the shoulders, ending her flash back and bring Kathy spiraling back to reality.

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