Chapter 2: Guilt Trip

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I drove to work not really thinking of anything in perticular. I was too tired to go to work but there was no one to cover my shift for me so I just had to suck it up and be a big girl. I parked in my usual parking spot and turned the car off. I sat there for a couple of minutes debating wether to go in or not. I leaned down and reached for my lipstick that was on the floor and as I sat us straight I saw someone in the review mirror looking back at me. At least I thought I saw someone. Maybe it was just that stupid nightmare that I had that was playing tricks on me.

I sat there for a wile longer taking deep breaths to steady my breathing and to stop my self from shaking. It was scary, you know!

Stepping out of the car with my heart still beating a hundred miles and hour I started to walk to the entrence of my work.

I work as a receptionist at a near by hotel, and it's not the best job. I know, I know I should be thankfull that I even have a job but it's not what I really want to do in life. Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a nurse, but being a high school drop out, I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.

As I walked into the lobby I couldn't help but have the feeling that someone was watching me. You know when you have that strange feeling in the pit of your stomach, and you're too scared to turn around and look, so you just keep walking, hoping that the feeling will just pass? Well that's how I felt.

As I threw my bag under the desk and made myself comfortable for the day of work ahead of me a pair of oft hands wrapped around my eyes cutting off my vision. For a second my heart stopped and I wanted to scream until I heard the familier voice of my bes friend Summer.

"Guess who?"

"Sum..." I just laughed.

"How's it going?" she asked.

"Not to bad, just a little tired. You?"


I have worked with her for two years and ever since then we have been best friends. She is a couple of years older than me and her dad owns the hotel. Oh, and she loves to party, and I mean party. She always comes to work with stories to tell me. It makes the job more fun.

"So, are you coming tomorrow night?" she asked.

"Coming where?"

"Elizabeth's party....."

"Oh, no I don't think I will."

"Oh come on Scar." she winned. "You never come out anymore with me."

"That is not true."

"What's not true?" asked Tristin as he walked up to the desk. Tristin is another good friend of ours.

"Scar never comes out with me anymore." Summer complained.

"Oh, I know she doesn't." he simply stated.

"I do, I just don't want to go to Elizabeth's party tomorrow night." Scar complained alittle annoyed.

"Just please come with us tomorrow." Summer begged.

"Yeah, come on. Do something wild with your life." Tristin joked. Gosh he was so cute.

Scar looked at the both. She felt so guilty because she knew it was true.

"Fine."she said under her breathe hoping they wouldn't hear. But of course they did.

"Yay." Summer celebrated. "I will pick you up tomorrow night at 8:00pm."

"Yes, okay Summer."

"And be ready!" she yelled as she walked away. Tristin just laughed.

"I'll see you tomorrow night then." he said as he walked off.

"Today is going to be fun." she said sarcastically to herself.

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