chapter 5

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chapter 5

arrows pov

i've been thinking about what jordan said and he was right i was regreting the fact i had rejected my mate. i know i said i would deal with the consequences, but that was harder to do then i thought. but i survived. other than the fact that i couldnt keep dana as my girlfriend. for a lot of reasons one because of james, two everytime i look at her me and my wolf want to go find willow to get rid of dana's scent.

i contiuned to watch willow discreetly or so i thought i was. thats until james smacked the back of my head"you might want to stop staring at willow or people will start to question why." he said eating his burger.

its hard not to james" yeah i told james about willow being my mate. he freaked when he realized i rejected her but still supported me. even if he thought i was really stupid for doing what i did. i sighed and looked one more time only to find her walking this way with jordan. i got a good look at her and let me tell you she looked horrible. james just had to make me feel worse didnt he?

damn did she get raped or something"

i growled and followed her out of the lunch room. she had seperated from jordan and was standing by her locker. walked up behind her wrapping my arms around her. she jumps and squealed in suprise.

she turned around quickly slapping my bicep."dont do that meanie."

i will do that if i want to willow" i growled

okay if you want to be smacked again then go ahead. i dont care.

yes you would"

no i wouldn't."she looked ao sure i had to break that sureness.



can i kiss you." i asked and she faltered staring at me but i didnt wait for a response, i kissed her anyway.

kissing her felt like i was kissing someone that was one fire. the feeling of having her close and in my arms had my wolf and im sure hers as well growling in happiness. at this moment i wasnt worried about what could happen when this was over. i pushed her against the wall roughly. she wrapped her legs around me and moved her hands up to wrap around my neck. i pulled back laing my forehead on hers and breathed in her scent.

you know if you didnt want anyone knowing about her you shouldnt be making out with her in the hallway." i turned my head to see james and jordan standing there staring at me knowingly. they knew i wouldnt be able to stay away for long. they did both have mates so i knew they would understand.

yeah i know i just..."i trailed off looking at willow

she sighed and muttered something then looked at me." if you dont want to tell anyone then dont but dont hurt our wolves because you cant make the right decision arrow"

i shifted uncomfortably but nodded in the end giving up on trying to stay away. but i wouldnt be near her unless it was jordan and james around only. i knew if i wasnt careful we would get caught. i had to make sure not to be around her when she was being insulted or with another guy aside from jordan of course.

this was going to be so damn hard but i knew james would help me. and i could still kiss my mate if i had the guts to and noy be afraid of someone catching us. i didnt know what i would do if someone did though. maybe jordan was right i still had alot to learn about being an alpha. even if i didnt want to admit that he was right.

willows pov

i was over joed that he agreed to still kissing me. even if it was in secret. at least he wasnt with dana anymore. but i still couldnt help but have doubts about us being...hmm i didnt even know what we were yet... so were going to be semi friends with benifits. sounds good to me

i could feel someone staring at me. it was arrow i smiled and kissed him softly after looking around. he smiled then whispered "mine."

i chuckled"yes im your's arrow and i always will be. well"he growled not wanting me to finish my sentence." that is if you will always want me." he stopped growling and nodded.

there was those dtupid doubts again. what if he didnt want me and was just playing me or when people start to question things what will he say. what if he gets another girlfrined and ignores me but still keeps me as his little wolf toy. Aargh stupid doubts caant you just go away."no" my subconcious asnswered. i wasnt asking you shut up."you do relized your asking you self to shut uo and your not even speaking right". great im talking to myself now what has the world come to. i never used to talk to myself

i started talking to myself when arrow came into the big happy picture in my mind. what are you doing to me arrow. sighing i glanced at arrow. he looked at me with an indifferent look. what wait, why did he look like that to me. then i heard the noise. students were out and running to there lockers or to class. well i know why now there were pwoplw around.

you know you spaced out for about fifteen minutes right." i turned to see jesse smiling at me.

i looked down blushing" sorry i just have a lot on my mind"

when dont you. your always thinking over everything you learn in one day so you can have it stored for later." he said chuckling.

haha you so flipping funny jesse,"

he grinned" i know i am. come on you ready to go to class"

no you go on ahead i have to go to the library to return something.'i hated lieing to him but i wanted to be alone and wait for the bell to ring. he nodded walking away. i looked around my locker for five mintues looking like an idiot. the bell finally rang and i was alone well other than arrow that is. i grinned at him.

he walked over to me and kissed me lightly on the lips leaving me to want more.

go to class. you can have more when were not in school and when were at jordans or james' house." he said making me nod.

i kissed him one more time then ran off to my class. walking in the teacher looked pissed because i interupted her lesson.

do you have an excuss miss.greenwood.""i mumbled hurrying to my seat. i glanced at jordan he gave me a knowing look, making me blush which made him smirk. he was going to have fun making me blush all the time i just know it.

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