Chapter 8: Chess and the Demonic Bracelet

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***Kokoro’s POV***

“No cheating. I’ll see it if you do.” I warned, taking a seat across from him.

“You first.” My father offered, placing his pawn back down onto its original home. I blinked and moved one of my pawns forward, resulting in Mephisto’s knight coming out onto the board. Next I moved my bishop out; seeming it had the space to move. A pawn then blocked the way of Mephisto’s knight, making the side of my mouth twitch up.

“So… You made me a student representative?” I asked, trying to distract him. He smirked and nodded.

“You practically blew everyone else out of the water along with Yukio. You both had top marks on your entrance exam. And you took yours in a moving car.” He replied, moving another pawn.

“Why though? You could’ve just kept it at Yukio.” I added, moving my other knight after he took out a pawn with his bishop.

“I have to pick the student with the highest score. Yukio’s name came up, and then yours as well. If you didn’t want to be chosen, you should’ve flunked. Mephisto retorted with a savage grin as he placed his queen in the middle of the board.

“Then answer this… Why did you change my last name?” I asked. “Isn’t it bad enough the exorcists know I’m your daughter that even the teachers and students should know as well?” Mephisto’s grin dropped at this and he looked at me.

“I didn’t change your last name.” he told me. I froze.

“You didn’t change my last name to Faust?” I questioned. The man shook his head. “Then who did?!” I asked in anger. Mephisto brought a hand to chin and thought.

“Your mother, I’m sure. She has a habit of making people miserable. Especially when she’s in a new environment.” He explained, smirking as he took out my queen with a rook. I shook my head and moved one of my own rooks forward.

“Checkmate.” I stated looking up. The look on Mephisto’s face was priceless. He kinda looked like a fish.

“That’s not fair! You’re the one who cheated! I demand a rematch!” he cried. I laughed at him.

“Not a chance. It’s your own fault for letting me distract you.” I said standing up. “Uhh… Mephisto?” I asked. Turning around to look at him, I saw he was ignoring me. “Mephisto?” I asked, waving a hand in his face.

“…” Still nothing.

“Mephy~?” I asked, tapping his head.

“…” Silence. He was acting as if I had turned into a ghost, although the impish grin on his face said otherwise.

“Mephisto?!” I shouted, taking his hat, revealing his tall purple curl. I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing.

“… Heh…”

‘Is that all I get?! You damned bastard!’ I thought in irritation.

“Dad?!” I screeched, causing him to smile widely and stand up.

“Yes~?” he asked. I felt my face change colors, like Rin’s did, in anger.

“I really hate you right now.” I said, placing his hate on my head. He chuckled and reset the chessboard for his next challenger, whoever it may be.

“What is it that you wanted? I thought you wanted to go to bed.” He added as he reclaimed his hat.

“I’m hungry now.” I stated impatiently.

“Yay~~~!!!! Ramen!” he shouted, hopping over to a large desk and pulling out to Styrofoam cups that were wrapped in plastic from one of the drawers.

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