Morning Talks

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I knocked on Jonah’s door and waited for him to answer. I could hear a lock click and I was greeted by one of my best friends. He looked pretty eccentric honestly, with crazy bushy curly hair and deep brown eyes that seemed to not only see but scan.

He let me in closing the door behind me, “What brings you to my home at this hour? I was about to beat the 7th gym leader,” He said holding up his gameboy. I walked to the living room with Jonah trailing, plopping down on the couch. Jonah seated himself across from me on a cracked leather chair. “I had a crazy fugged up morning, I need some advice.” I said and then recounted my morning, censoring absolutely nothing.

During the middle of the story he had closed his gameboy, paying complete attention. When I was finally done with the story ending with, “then I texted you,” he sat back in the chair and stared into nothing. “Well, Johnny boy,” he said when he finally spoke, “you’re in some deep shit.” I rolled my eyes, “I know that already, Einstein. What do you think I should do, though?” I was mildly irritated by his behavior.

He retorted quickly, “I don’t know! Okay, I could try my hand at advice but it is all pretty crappy!” I rubbed my face with both hands and said calmly, “You had a girlfriend, dude, so you must have some kind of knowledge.” I looked up when he laughed quietly, “Getting Alaska was all luck,” we both stayed silent for a moment.

“Wait wait! I have a idea! Johnny, I could call her! I mean Alaska, stupid don’t give me that look. She has to know what to do.” I had to admit that was a good idea. He pulled out his phone and texted her to come to his house ASAP. I then came to a horrible realization, “Dude, that means I have to tell her what happened this morning.” Jonah smirked wickedly, “I know.”

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